Sunday, 29 June 2014

Meet Me Halfway

Hey, Schneckens!
So, you'd thought I'd totally slack after a double yesterday, didn't you? Well, I did, kinda. I had a nap. I really need to start going to bed earlier, or start drinking coffee. Either way, energy is needed, and fast.

Well, in case it has slipped your mind, we are halfway through the year. Crazy, I know! Time is flying quicker than a 'stooping' peregrine and there is nothing we can do about that. I decided to stop and acknowledge this alarming piece of information because it reminds you about the importance of what you are doing with your lives. This isn't going to be one of those posts when I'm like 'we need to live like we're dying' because that is just a load of BS that everyone says. Truthfully, and I said this to someone the other day, we have won in the metaphorical lottery in life. Yes, we might not have everything we want, or desire, but the fact we have made it through another day, and are remembered, and loved, by people is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes in our lives we have moments when we freeze and panic over what we have actually achieved, and I think I had that this year so far. As any person, I hear about all these remarkable people, who are winning awards and being recognised and I'm just that little Tsarina, sitting in her jeggings, watching cooking shows. But when I actually think about it, and I did yesterday, I have done a LOT this year so far. Firstly, there is my book, 'No Soul To Sell', which is perhaps the most beautiful thing I have written so far, as it allowed me to capture a particular feeling throughout; I would argue and say that this book is 'a coming of age' book, and that makes me feel all warm inside. You see, real achievements aren't necessarily what you create, it's what you feel, and growing up to become a better person. I really have continued to grow, and I am proud of what I am so far, and excited to see what I am. I mean, I am now a rapping, knitting, 18 cardigan owning, baking, writing, acting, blogging Tsarina. That's something that I achieved in a mere six months, or developed along the process.

Sure, I have weaknesses. I think my main weakness is from the opposite gender. Damn you, males, and your delightfully enticing necks! Granted, I've had a thaaang for necks for a long time now, but it's like they've worked it out and are tempting me with it. But again, this shows I am achieving things because I have not given in...yet. I'm a human, more precisely, a female; eventually a man, with a neck sent from the Gods, will stand dripping wet from the downpour and I won't be able to resist it. I really hope it's a Russian. Fingers crossed. So, yes. What was I talking about? Men, yes! Sure, whilst some have got me more giddier than a duck on Wednesdays, others have been remarkable friends and it's this year in which I have embraced the importance of male and female friendships, than a senseless romance. See, I'm learning a lot in these six months!

"Can we talk now, it's been six months? Please remove these iron cuffs!" - Sorry, once I was slightly intoxicated, and I wrote a rap. It was a good rap. If I'm ever hammered enough, I'll totally perform it. To the person. Lawl.

So, here's to the months we have shared together, and here is to the next!

January 1st
June 29th

Toodles :)

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