Saturday, 21 June 2014

Lemon Cheesecake

So, it is Saturday, my dear Schneckens! Hope it's been a good one!

Today will be a quickie because I am out tonight, work related stuff. So I am actually typing this little bit on someone else's laptop. Crazy, huh! I had a delightful day. Firstly, my reviews for The Upcoming are on the social networks, so you should totally check them out! Just type 'The Upcoming' and it should come up. Secondly, I had a dinner, well, lunch, party with a nun. This nun is obviously a family friend and wasn't just a weird meeting up with the congregation for the sake of it. It was actually fun. I made a lemon cheesecake for the occasion. Everyone that knows me will know that I love lemon based desserts, so this was a success - especially compared to that tiramisu.

Now I need to skedaddle. But do you know what will make this post even better? Well, apart from some lovely cheesecake related photos. A bit of Paolo Nutini loving. He's on tour at the moment, and I checked out some of his tour videos, and it was amazing. I wish I could be there. Paolo is a man of many talents and he works any stage like I can work a whisk when making a cheesecake. Paolo can be my cheesecake. Whiskey flavoured..

Work attire, obvs.

Toodles :)

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