Friday, 20 June 2014


Hey, Schneckens!
Happy Friday; hope it is going well as you approach your weekend. Rejoice, tis time to sit back and relax. Unless of course you're England supporters desperately clinging onto the hope you guys still have a shot.

Anyway, moving on quicker than England's efforts in the World Cup, I want to discuss impressions with you. Not like comedy impressions, although that would be pretty cool. I'm talking about the impressions we give off to other people. The other night, I was talking to some guy and he seemed to think I was something that I didn't necessarily think I had portrayed to other people. During the conversation, I perhaps gave a certain impression because I became quite loose and careless in what I was saying, but I didn't think I had shown these traits in real life. I know occasionally I can say the odd shocking comment (well, shocking if you don't know what I'm capable of), but I never thought that people viewed me in a certain light. I guess we make impressions on people that we didn't even know..

But I can't exactly moan, can I? I know what I'm doing sometimes, and I know what people will think; so I continue doing it. Plus, I've kinda made my mind up about people following the impressions they continue to give; sometimes it is cemented through actions that just confirm what they are like. Actually, I haven't been moaning. I don't think I've once moaned about this. I was a tad spooked, but wasn't doesn't spook me. Hehe. Spook. Spoooook. Sorry, it's been a long day and I hate very little sleep. Been kinda nervous about these job interviews and such. Oh, and I made a lemon cheesecake today. This time I was sober, so it should work. How did I get onto this? This tends to happen - you trail off and start discussing something involving some form of gooey liquid type thing. I should go. It's pizza night. Plus, I have the Game of Life to play. Winning.

Toodles :)

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