Sunday, 22 June 2014

Imaginary Music Videos

Hello, Schneckens!
Aaaaand I am back on my own laptop and I have my picture of inspiration cheering me on as I write my words, and perhaps giving a push for the Russians. Obviously I'm watching the Belgium vs. Russia match right now, and obviously I am team Russia. But since I know nothing about football, and Russia's tactics seem to be a bit simple (strange coming from them!), this picture might be needed...

So, I was listening to Ultraviolence again today, and my goodness, it gets darker every time you listen to it! Now, I don't think I'm alone in this as when I discussed it with my friends, they too said they do this - you know when you listen to a song, and then you imagine your own little music video, or story, in your head? Probably strikes a resemblance in your head and I'm sure it is completely common among any keen music lover. 

However, I sometimes think that my thoughts get a tad darker than what is typically seen as normal, but then again, maybe I just have a vivid imagination given the subjects I am passionate about. As I was listening to 'Money Power Glory', I somehow related it to a fictional moment in my life - okay, that makes no sense, let me try to explain. Have you ever had a moment in your life, say an argument, and you imagine different scenarios that are typically worse because it's more dramatic and it goes with the music? Okay, now hopefully you get what I'm saying. Anyhow, I was listening to this song and I had my usual thought, and it got quite dark. Without going into too much detail, I had a row with a friend over something trivial and I took a bunch of pills, senselessly diddled some guy in the bathroom, then made my way outside and saw the my object of affection with his affectionate object; so I collapsed in complete heart break as they got on the bus. This seems like a beautiful, powerful story, but the fact it is my imagination is quite startling as I technically took an overdose in that thought and carelessly put my life at risk. I don't think this is too concerning, as I have a wild imagination and I read, listen to and watch a lot of dark stuff, so it probably was just a way to capture a feeling into a song, but still. If I, or anyone else, had these thoughts without the music as the inspiration behind it, would it be okay?

Toodles :)

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