Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Sup, Schneckens!
I went out today, ate a sausage roll and had a cat nap. I like cat naps. I'm tired for some reason, probably because I was up late watching the Russia game. I seriously need to start going to bed at a decent time. But until then, let's see what I like about this month.


1. Tom Jones ~ In my vivid imagination, we met at a key bowl party and made a baby, whilst I left my hat on. I had a son, and I've not seen that bastard since the night he was made; but my husband, well ex, is seeing him on Friday. Dicks.

2. Ultraviolence ~ As yesterday's post highlighted, I really like the album for its sheer captivating intensity and darkness.

3. Paolo Nutini (Again!) ~ Yes, he was the top dog in April and he still is to this very moment! I really needed him during a tough and stressful couple of weeks, and his music still continues to pleasure my eardrums and funk my life up!

4. World Cup 2014 ~ I don't like football, in fact, I hate it; but I guess I like seeing people's passion for the sport and their country. It's rather endearing, don't you think?

5. Tiramisu ~ Hahaha, even though the outcome was hilarious, it still tasted pretty amazing and the added banana confused everyone!

6. Father ~ It was Father's Day this month, and despite the fact it was his day, he helped a great deal with my meal; and his comment that "it was one of his favourite meals" made my life! My father is hella fly!

7. New Look ~ I love this shop more than any other, and I bought my prom outfit from here, and ultimately, the shop both makes me look good, and feel good.

8. Wedges ~ The shoe and potato kind. I bought some and they make me look slightly taller, and I made some paprika ones for Father's Day. Double win.

9. YoMuscleBoii ~ I featured his friend last month, and this month, this guy deserves his own moment. He is hella funny; more funny than a lot of other YouTubers, and he's hot, which makes it even better!

10. Freedom ~ EXAMS ARE OVER!! Although it feels a tad strange, I do enjoy the fact I don't have to feel guilty about watching a movie in the afternoon instead of revising. I do feel like a duck out of water though, and I do miss the Drama class.

11. Music Throwbacks ~ For some reason, I had 'Whole Again' by Atomic Kitten in my head, and I listened to it, and man, it was a great moment. Listening to the lyrics properly as an older person made the song seem so much more different. It kinda relates, instead of being a cheesy pop song. But we do like cheese!

12. Percy Ingle ~ I had never bought anything from there before, but today I bought a sausage roll. It may have tasted like butter, but sometimes that is something we need. It was pretty amazing.

13. Russia ~ Okay, I LOVE Russia anyway, but this month really was the Russia month. Apart from it being the centre point of my exams, Zoella got me a Russian postcard and a Russian exercise book (No one else got anything!) Plus, it was Russia Day on the 12th, which was the day of my last exam - Drama, which incorporated Russia. Oh, the feels!

14. Charity Shops ~ Not thrift shops. I found the Game of Life in my local charity shop, and I got there super early just to buy it. I was so happy that I sounded like an excited little girl when I thanked him for selling it to me.

15. First Aid Kit ~ They are a Swedish folk duo, and I had the pleasure in reviewing their album, 'Stay Gold'. It was certainly good, indeed.

16. Channel 4 Comedy Gala ~ Who doesn't like comedy raising money for a good cause? I found it incredibly funny, with standouts being Kevin Bridges and Josh Widdicombe - I am still laughing about their act to this very day!

17. Home and Away ~ I stopped watching this for a while because it became too Braxton orientated, and was full of all these new characters. Even though nothing has changed, watching it reminded me of the old days when I was a super fan; and I enjoyed watching it again!

Aaaaaand finally, 18. Epic Text Between Mother And Daughter ~ This just makes me laugh because I went through a similar situation - the heartbreak, and I try and imagine my mother telling me this; which would be the most epic thing to ever happen! But thank the Lord it didn't!

When you need relationship advice.

So that's my June, nothing too fancy. Hope the rest is fun, and I'll see you next month for the next list. I'm sure it'll be weird.

Toodles :)

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