Saturday, 7 June 2014

11 Signs That You're Mad Over Paolo Nutini

Hey, Schneckens. You totally funked my life up.
Nah, I'm just messing with you! As you can probably tell, exam stress has made me even more obsessed with a certain Mr Nutini, which I'm sure many other people are too. He's quite a wee ladddie. So as exam season continues, let's see if you're really obsessed with Paolo Nutini.

11 Signs That You're Mad Over Paolo Nutini:

1. Every Scots-person reminds you of him ~ You're just sitting in that exam hall, you hear the divine sounds of the Scottish accent, and BOOM, you're thinking of him and how he funked your life up.

2. You have a sudden craving for Whiskey ~ When you say 'sudden', you mean SUDDEN. You've never been a fan of the Whiskey-type beverage before, but after seeing a certain Scottish gentlemen drink it, you want it more than ever before like it's some candy.

3. You binge on videos ~ You tell yourself just one video, just to hear that sweet, sweet accent and to witness that delectable charm of his. But now it's midnight and you kinda wish you could rewind just so you could do something productive.

4. You binge. FULL STOP ~ Okay, just videos is one of those white lies you tell yourself to make it seem less worse; but in reality you've Googled him so many times in the hope you'll find out something new just to complete your life in a more fulfilling way.

5. Your phone knows what to auto-correct ~ You're just on your device, and you start typing something, okay, when you start typing Paolo Nutini, it's auto-corrected into capital letters because you're THAT enthusiastic about him. When you don't change it, you then feel like a real numpty, but you don't care, really.

6. You find yourself hot under the collar. Frequently ~ It's not really surprising, but it can become a hindrance when you're in a common room, very much giddy about that voice, that man, that everything. It's like you're smoking a funky cigarette every moment he pops into your head. Joy.

7. You're rarely enticed by other men ~ Before, you used to find certain guys in their suits rather appealing, necks seem different etc etc - now, well, they're one of the other million faces out there.

8. You'd sell your soul to see him live ~ There's not even an ounce of doubt when you say that phrase, you know you won't find a better man than him, and his amazing stage presence makes you envious towards anyone else who has seen him. Lucky bastards.

9. You love his style ~ Some argue that he looks a tad.. well, trampish. You, on the other hand, would give him 10/10 about every aspect of his life. Even the fact he smokes. We can let that slide; it's Paolo Nutini for goodness sake.

10. You love his smut ~ Some singers who sing about smutty topics make you feel a tad smutty, but you fall for Paolo even more. It's those little simple things that makes you feel like a little cherry blossom when you hear those songs!

11. You noticed every Paolo reference ~ Need I say more?

Aaaand there you have it! Maybe I like Paolo just a bit too much, or maybe you do, or maybe you should like him more. Great man, he is. Just listen to Iron Sky to find out why!

Toodles :)

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