Saturday, 28 June 2014

10 Ways To Get Over Your Romantic Interest

I feel pretty ill today, so bare with me as I type these words. There may be moments when I pause to regain my composure. I think I've worked out why I am feeling sick all the time - wait, this sounds like I'm about to announce the bun in my oven :o I SWEAR I am NOT pregnant! I worked out why I'm ill though, and it's something I could technically avoid, but for some reason, I haven't yet. But hey, life is full of mistakes, and whilst I made a mistake last night, I also made one of the best decisions ever; so the good always wins!

Now onto today. It will be a double, and it will be about Romantic Interests. Initially, I planned for it to be solely crushes since that was the 'Types of Tuesday', but it seemed to similar to an ex, so I thought I should combine the two, and BOOM, you got yourself a Romantic Interest! Let's begin, shall we?!

10 Ways To Get Over Your Romantic Interest:

1. Strong support network ~ Get your friends around you, ASAP! You are going to need a lot of comforting, tough love and acceptance. It's always hard when romance goes wrong and your close friends can make the process a lot more easier!

2. Hobbies ~ Yes, get a freakin' hobby! You will find moments when you kept dwelling on everything that has happened. So instead of that, take up something fun and rewarding; and you never know, you might meet someone who will make you feel worthwhile again!

3. Food ~ Don't go crazy, though. In Rom-Coms, women are always eating those big ass tubs of ice-cream after a failed romance, and whilst it's not as fun as it is in the movies, or common; it can be a great release and can ease your tensions. Men can do it, too. We all know that you chaps have that side to you that you won't openly express with us!

4. Removing anything that reminds you of them ~ Whilst it can be incredibly hard to do it, you have to remember that it is over now, and keeping everything is just hindering the process in getting over them. Sometimes we gotta rip of that plaster and it will hurt, but it's just something that has to be done.

5. ...Including Social Networks ~ Unfollow them on Twitter, unfriend them on Facebook etc etc. The less things there are to look at, the less likely you are to be tempted and make a rash, and often stupid, decision.

6. Delete old messages ~ Kinda like the last two. When going through heartache, we tend to look at old messages to remind us of what we once had, but it's not really benefiting us. The relationship may be over, but a friendship can still be there, but having those 'lovey' texts can be a painful reminder.

7. Pamper yourself ~ These are moments to treat yourself and make you feel worthy again. Go get your hair done; go buy some new clothes; do your nails. And yes, men, that can be you, too! Or do what you chaps tend to do; I don't know..

8. Get out there ~ Don't spend your life inside, weeping over the bitter heartbreak you have endured. Go for a walk, get some fresh air and appreciate what you have, and what you can now gain.

9. Avoid places they'll probably be at ~ You probably know their timetable and routine better than them, so it might be best to avoid those places at the meantime, just to give yourself time to adapt to this new change in your life.

10. Love yourself ~ Now is the time to put yourself first. You are truly the most remarkable person that you need at this point; so instead of hating yourself, and knocking yourself, appreciate who you are and love you for you!

Soooo.. I'm going to eat something (hopefully not puke it up) and then take a nap! I'll be back later; I wonder if you can guess what I am going to post about. I'll give you a hint, it's not my upset stomach!

Toodles :)

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