Saturday, 28 June 2014

10 Ways NOT To Get Over Your Romantic Interest

I'm back, Schneckens!
I had that nap, and have gone on a Nine Inch Nails' binge. Lyrically, their songs are just amazing; so much depth. But anyway, I thought I'd start with that bit of information. That, and, I love you, I guess? I don't do love. No, wait. I don't do surprises. Hehe. An Australian singer, Axle Whitehead, sung that and got his dick out on stage. Lawls. Well, let's continue this double post!

10 Ways NOT To Get Over Your Romantic Interest:

1. Rebounds ~ For goodness sake, don't go jumping into bed with another person; or make out with someone; or anything on those lines. You are evidently still hurting, and that is natural. Therefore, don't try and force something that is not there and will just hurt you further.

2. Getting hammered ~ Alcohol doesn't make you feel better. You may feel momentarily blissful from your problems, but then they come flooding back in; with an added hangover.

3. ...That means drugs too ~ Avoid any substances as a means of numbing this heartache. The drugs don't work. Yes, I quoted The Verve; it's such a powerful song. So, don't take drugs!

4. Isolating yourself from the outside world ~ Staying indoors, weeping, may be the best choice in the movies, but come on! We're not in a movie; get out there and feel the breeze penetrate your skin. Okay, I have no idea why I used such a sensual line. Damn you, Frankenstein!

5. Pushing your loved ones away ~ You need those nearest and dearest to you, by your side, during such a hard time. Laughter will make it all seem better, and your friends can totally do this.

6. Cutting out all contact with the person ~ Haha, in the ideal world, this would be totally simple. In reality, it's impossible, so instead of cutting out all contact, just reduce it. It won't drive you completely crazy.

7. Changing yourself ~ Just because they didn't want you, doesn't mean you need to change. You are special and unique, and if they can't see that, then their problem. Never change for the wrong reasons!

8. Seriously, getting hammered ~ Step away from the whiskey! Or vodka...

9. Ignore any problems ~ You don't need to lie and pretend nothing has happened. It really is okay to admit you're hurt by this. You'll feel better by talking to someone you trust, and they can totally support you through this pain.

10. Doing something crazy ~ I don't know how to define 'crazy' because it differs for every individual. For some, it's jumping into bed with anyone who pays you the wrong kind of attention, for others it is drowning their sorrows. Either way, it doesn't solve anything, and it just adds to your problems.

So, that's me for the day. I bet you're surprised I actually did the double. I really want a nap though. Should I? Decisions...

Toodles :)

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