Saturday, 31 May 2014

Words Part II

Hello, Schneckens.
Again, very quick post today because I am knackered from revision and I need to prepare for exams. Plus, Britain's Got Talent is on and that seems to be a popular show.

Today I briefly wanted to discuss what we, as individuals, say without thinking through entirely. Last night, I was on Twitter and I saw a woman tweet that she wasn't pretty. Obviously that really got to me. As you know, I have struggled immensely with my confidence after the whole guy/note/rejection saga, and it has taken a while for me to embrace my curves. Well, seeing this woman, someone I actually know, say something like that about herself upset me in two ways. The first way being that she is a beautiful woman and it is always a real shame when anyone knocks the way they look. The second being that if she thinks that she isn't pretty enough, then how does that make me look?! This probably sounds like a weird thing to conclude, but when someone as pretty as her, who has thousands of followers on her social networks; hundreds of likes; and constant admirers - it makes me feel, well, shitty.

I don't get that amount of attention, and honestly, just one day of that would be nice. I know it doesn't mean anything, because people can be weird creeps, but that's only a small minority. So when I see comments like that, from people who have endless admirers, it does offend me because it makes me think that it's just mere attention seeking. The same for pictures with the captions entitling their so-called "ugliness". You're not ugly! I don't think "glamourising" it is entirely beneficial to anyone because if you put a picture that is flawless up online with such a negative comment, it makes standards hard to keep up with. In reality, there shouldn't be standards; we should be at a place where we find happiness. What also gets me is the same people who put these kinda comments up, are also the same people who tell me I am "beautiful" and shiz. Don't knock yourself, okay!

So next time you feel rough, embrace it. Imperfection is a truly wonderful thing. We should encourage this, not dismiss it. So many people, females and MALES (We can never forget that men suffer from low-self esteem too!), lack the confidence in themselves because society has set such a high expectation for them. Together, let's keep everyone grounded. We can't make a change on our own, but a bit of positivity can go a long way. We're all pretty fly; and our imperfections make us better!

Toodles :)

Friday, 30 May 2014

A Quick Peep

Hello, my dearest Schneckens!
As the title suggests, it's going to be a quick post today. As you may or may not know, it is exam season, and as a result of this, I need to focus on them at the moment. Some days will be harder than others, but I will continue to blog and I am so grateful for all of you who read this blog, despite how at times it can become shittles.

Today was a rather simple day - it was purely work and selfies. I can't deny that these past few days I have been taking a shiz load of selfies, because that would be ridiculous to deny. But honestly, I am proud to announce that I keep taking pictures of myself. Some say that excessive selfies are a result of low self-esteem, but for me, it's a way to keep myself grounded and to be proud of the way I look. I spent ages trying to be skinny and to look conventionally beautiful, but it didn't make me happy. Gosh, trying to cut out those carbs was so difficult! I just really wanted a roll, with ham and tzatziki- is that too much to ask? Those little things make me incredibly happy, and honestly, eating properly is actually making me look healthier than when I tried starving myself. I know that seems pretty obvious, but you got to remember that I truly believed that I had to starve myself to be loved. Actually, that's a lie. I wanted to be skinny so I could make any guy want me, so I could prove to that guy that I am in fact pretty and he was a fool to treat me the way he did. Either way, it was stupid and I think I'm in a good place at the moment; albeit, a tad stressed. So, if you want to judge me for the way I look, then go ahead, because I can't see that far down into the pit you're living in!

Toodles :)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

How To Use SnapChat

Heya, Schneckens!
"Heya"? Do people still use that word? Anyway, I completed my Drama mock and without meaning to use unintentional innuendos, it really was hard. I struggled with that paper, but I hope I did well! Well today, I am going to complain, somewhat. As you all know, I do enjoy my SnapChatting, but sometimes, it pees me off. There are an array of reasons why, and they seem like such basic things. So, through using my own SnapChat, here's how to use SnapChat.

How To Use SnapChat:

Yes, perhaps the most obvious thing to remember when using SnapChat is, unless I've specifically asked to see your dick, I don't want to see your dick - and I never ask for such pictures. So, men on this device, sending a picture of your member is not taken too well, and it will probably result in me mocking the size of your manhood. Unless of course there is nothing to mock, and if that's the case, bravo! Nonetheless, no dick pics. It's messy and I'm not prepared for that. Especially if you have it for 10 seconds. I don't get it, do you want me to screenshot it, or something? Is that it? Do you want a picture in return? Either way, it's not going to happen, so keep your instrument in its case. Your instrument being your penis, and the case being your pants.
Remember - I know if you've opened my picture. If I've sent you a picture asking how you are, it generally means I want to know how you are. So by not replying to a question, you look like a total moose. I don't have to ask how you are, heck, I don't even have to acknowledge your existence on this, but I did and it's because I would like to know how you are - strike a fun convo and that jazz. So next time you get a "How are you?", especially when I put YOUR name in it, so it was directed to you, reply with an answer. Also, for the fun of it, if you've added me first, and I say hi to you in the friendliest of ways, do be a nice person and say hi back. You wanted me, remember!

I've started to see a pattern emerge on my story where people complain about people screenshotting their stories. Is this for real? Unless this person is a total creep, what exactly is the problem? If it's bothering you so much, a) don't put excessive amounts of selfies on your story, or b) unfriend them. Simple. I honestly think people who use their stories to moan about individuals screenshotting their stories are just seeking attention, especially when they put all that effort into their selfie - you know the type I'm talking about - the pouting, the smoldering - the one where you look so damn good. Obviously people are going to screenshot it if you look good. So you if you claim to not like it, don't do it!

People, calm down with the videos! I don't mind the occasional video on my story, but sometimes people just take the biscuit! The most frustrating part is when you upload so many, and it slows down the whole thing, so when you try and view it, it merely freezes and you just hear the noise. Oh, gawd, the noise! That's what irritates me the most. You're just in your living-room, watching Come Dine With Me, you check out your stories, and a video plays and it's so loud that the people around you can hear it. Or sometimes, you don't hear anything, and when you try to turn it up and you miss it. Gawd's sake, it's even more annoying when it's sent to you, so you have to replay it and you look like you're their biggest fan, when really you just want to know dafuq they said.

There's nothing wrong with uploading pictures with/of your significant other, in fact, it's quite cute. But that doesn't mean I want a shiz load of them on my story - this isn't Facebook. I know, I know, I can just not view it, but here's when the packet of biscuits are taken. Sending me a picture of you and your significant other, declaring your love, isn't cute; it's annoying and for me, very insulting. Someone did this to me during the whole problems I was having with the guy, and it made me feel very down because it reminded me of how he's with some other girl and I'm just on my own, watching Frozen. Alone. So save the romantic declarations for Facebook where I don't have to see them - not to my SnapChat.

Ladies, and yes, this is directed at you - it's SnapChat - a device where we get 10 seconds or less to see a picture and then it's gone forever, unless a screenshot is taken. There is seriously no need to put shiz loads of make up on, take endless selfies and just general vanity. I know if you look good, you want to show it - I'm guilty of that as well! But taking endless amounts of these pictures in a space of an hour is just a little bit sad. You are a beautiful person, and you don't need to keep proving it. Likewise, those pictures when it you appear somewhat naked... Just stop. It's attention seeking and you don't need to do it. It doesn't make you look edgy, bold, risk taking - it looks sad, and honestly, a tad desperate.

You know that Family Guy episode - 'What Really Grinds My Gears'? Well, this is it. As I said earlier, I know if you've opened my picture, viewed my story etc etc. So if I sent you a text hours ago, and it was asking you a question, and you didn't reply but you viewed my picture, then you better click out of that, go into your messages and reply to my message! This actually frustrates me because I know what individuals have SnapChat on their phones, so when they manage to view my picture, but not reply, it pees me off. SnapChat shouldn't replace texting. Yes, you can send free pictures and videos on this, but if a text is sent to you, and it kinda needs a response, you better do it. Sometimes texting is better than snapchatting - you get more words for a start!

When you add someone, and then the person accepts, it's pretty cool, and that's it. If you want to send pics, then go ahead. If you don't, then that's fine again - people sometimes just add for the sake of adding. But for goodness sake, don't unfriend, then refriend, then unfriend, then refriend again and again! Make a firm choice and stick to it. Stop changing your mind because eventually, I will just unfriend you and you won't have to make the choice again!

It's true - we DO. I know when you've opened it, how long ago, if you've screenshot it, replayed it etc etc. Just bare that in mind when you don't reply, have certain pictures on your device and if you said you would meet someone, but never showed up. SnapChat uncovers liars now, so just keep that in mind if you try to lie to me in the future...

Despite all my moaning and just general tips, the best thing to remember is that SnapChat is meant to be fun! It's free, and you can send pictures and videos just with internet access. There's no need to do things you're not comfortable with and you can be a total idiot because it's only who you want to see it, seeing it. You use it how you feel suits you, just baring in mind who else is around you. You may like saucy pics, but some don't. You might like videos, but some prefer pictures. Just remember, be safe and have fun! Don't do anything stupid though. You have 10 seconds or less, and it's gone forever. But remember, it can be screenshot or covert actions can be used; so if you are sending saucy pics, insulting pics, just be sure it's to the right person and you trust them!

So... somethings to remember:

You have 10 seconds or less; it doesn't replace texting and have good, safe fun!

Toodles :)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Happy ^_^

Okay. Okay. Okaaaay.
I've said this all a million times before, and I'm sure one day I'll be reminiscing about them a million times after. But I couldn't do a blog post without showing you all this:

This link, right above these words, is a video that the talented Tyrell (So many Ts) Charles created to show exactly what happens in Drama. Well, obviously editing out the hard work and exam practice that we all tackle - albeit, as much as I find it difficult, I furking love it; I love writing that concept; I love ranting about that stupid battle scene and I love creating weird rehearsal techniques. Watching it made me feel so damn happy because, now, if I feel down, I can look at this and be like 'holy camel balls, I met these incredible people and had a blast!' There's a quote in One Day that's like:

"Whatever happens tomorrow, we've had today."
For me, those words and the video (and the thousands of photos I have - not just of Drama, btw!) really touch me in a magical way. WAIT. That sounds hella kinky. Not like that, you smutty pigeons. I talk about 2012 a lot because that year really shaped my life. Here's the truth, around this time, two years ago, I wanted to escape the anxious thoughts that were controlling my life because living with that anxiety was torture; it simply wasn't life. I don't want to say the words, but I think we all know where I'm getting at. I can't sit here and pretend that Drama has always been perfect from that point onward, because it hasn't. I've endured heartache, particularly playing Jean as it reminded me of very bleak times. Then there was the whole Berlin Wall thing and I got so emotionally involved with that performance that moving on was like:

...But I did. Like I always do because being in Drama is waking up and realising that everyone is different and that's what makes life pretty fly. When I first had Drama with this class, I was terrified of all of them, bar 2, or 3. Now I see them as family and they have a special place in my heart and on my iPod. It's funny how time can change things. I mean, for instance, a year ago I met my boyfriend - well, ex, since we broke up AGES ago. Sure it ended, but it ended for the right reasons. And yeah, I may be single right now, but honestly, I feel good about that. This isn't some Beyoncé moment when I'm going to start doing Single Ladies, cos I furking hate that crap. I do feel good because if I did get together with the guy I had strong feelings for, it would've been freaking awful. I mean, come on, his rejection sent me on a downward spiral where I tried to starve myself! Clearly, I need time for myself and when I meet the one, all those fears will go away and it'll be grand. I'm actually over this guy now (shocker, I know!!), I feel no emotional, or sensual feelings towards him. Do you know what else is better? I'm seeing a Doctor today to discuss how I'm feeling - well, my back pain will probably take centre focus. I actually made the phone call in Drama. Being around them made me realise I need to be happy for them, as well as myself, because at least one Russian needs to be happy!

Okaaaay. That's it. Admit it, you're all going to miss this!

Toodles :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Types of Cold War Leaders

Grumble. Grumble.
Hey, Schneckens!
My back is in so much pain that even laughing has become a painful experience. I weep inside. Anyway, today I was at a study session for History and the end of the Cold War is insight - the exam is on Monday then I am (hopefully!) free from it all. So to help me revise, and to help all you lot, or entertain you, here are types of Cold War leaders from 1945 - 1990. Obviously, I'm mainly focusing on the important ones, as in the ones in the exam. So..yeah..

Types of Cold War Leaders:

The Warmonger ~ The likes of Churchill, who pours gasoline all over the conference room and sets alight to it all - metaphorically, of course. The Iron Curtain Speech 1946 was obviously going to piss off Stalin and make him pretty paranoid. Silly, silly, Churchill!

The Paranoid Wreck ~ Stalin springs to mind. Yes, he was Communist who used acts of terror (Purges) to achieve his aims, and he used unfair tactics, like the Berlin Blockade (1948-9), but arguably, he did it because of his paranoid personality. I mean, Russia was invaded 3 times, lost millions of lives, the USA had dropped the Atomic Bomb in 1945 (without telling him!) and then this speech.. Yeah..and some historians argue that Stalin was aggressive and expansionist - try defensive! (or Traditionalist, depending how you view it)

The Selfish, Dollar Imperialists ~ Churchill described Truman's Marshall Plan as the most selfless act in history because it gave economic aid to countries in Europe after the War. It seems so lovely, right? WRONG. He just didn't want Communism to flourish in Europe because it'll interfere with their trade market and they wanted to fill the power vacuum with Capitalism. Granted, uprisings in Greece 1947 and Czechoslovakia 1948 probably it seem like Communism was getting aggressive, but it doesn't change the fact that Truman was throwing his money about.

The Rhetorics ~ Eisenhower wanted to appear tough on Communism and take a hard-line approach, but he also knew the implication of war and tried to avoid nuclear war as much as possible. Clever, in a way. Talk yourself up, without intending to do anything.

The Bat Shit Cray ~ Khrushchev was just erratic. Sure, his policy of Peaceful Coexistence seemed like a good idea (in reality, it was hardly peaceful - Vienna 61, Paris 60, Disneyland, THE BERLIN WALL 1961), but he always seemed a bit unstable. Even at the brink of nuclear destruction (Cuban Missile Crisis 1962), it was never clear what way he was going to go..

The Starlet ~ Mao! He achieved China turning to Communism in 1949 and played a blighter in the Korean War. Then he got full of himself; pissed with De-Stalinisation and just generally dislike towards Peaceful Coexistence that looked like it was betraying Communism. Nixon loved him though... But for the right reasons? Nope. Just to piss off Russia!

The Fraud ~ I'm gonna bitch about Kennedy here. Yes, he was grand during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but that's all he did! In theory, he was pushing war still through Flexible Response, encouraging the use of nuclear and military arms, economic aid in poor countries and the Bay of Pigs - need I say more!

The Geriatrics ~ There was a period in Russia where there was just old men. Errvywhere! Brezhnev, lasted the longest and was key during the Sino-Soviet Split and Detente (the Brezhnev Doctrine coming into focus), then there were just Andropov and Chernenko, who croaked it pretty quickly; making a working relationship with the West pretty difficult!

The Schemer ~ Tricky Dick, or Richard Nixon as he known as. Rapprochement with China was purely a way to piss off the Soviets because he knew the state of their relationship - imagine him like a jealous girl trying to wreck a fragile relationship! And Water Gate Scandal wrecked a lot of shiz up, proving what a schemer he actually was.

The Actor ~ Reagan, Reagan, Reagan.. He could play us. He played US all. His Reagan Doctrine and 'Star Wars' was designed to bankrupt the financially struggling Soviets, and it did. Congrats!

The Co Star ~ Thatcher. She lurrved Reagan. Would not surprise me if they were getting it oooon on the missiles she left him place in the UK.

The Good Guy ~ Pope John Paul II. Encouraged Poland to rebel and started a chain of events in Eastern Europe that Gorbachev had no intentions of stopping.

Aaaand finally, The Naive Moose ~ once you give forced Communist regimes a chance to break away, obviously they're going to. Anyone could've told you that, well, clearly not Gorby! But he's cool still. Plus, everyone (Reagan and Thatcher) loved him!

Okay, that may have bored some of you. So if you made it this far, thanks!

Toodles :)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Music Monday [Bank Holiday]

Howdy, Schneckens!
It's a Bank Holiday, therefore we can all chill and enjoy the sunshine. Is it sunny? I have no idea. But do you know what I do know? Great music - so let's enjoy this week's Music Monday!

American Authors:
Song I listened to: Best Day Of My Life:
I've heard this song a million times, but I've never actually listened to it - if that makes sense. This band deserves more credit than it actually has because they are phenomenal. This song made my day like a million times better, and that takes a lot!

Elizabeth Schubert
Song I listened to: Stay [Clip]:
On this blog, I tend to go crazy over the instruments, the beat, tune etc etc, so it was with pleasure that I could find a stunning piano version - albeit, a clip - of Rihanna's 'Stay'. I want to hear more, so if anyone could help me with that, I would be eternally grateful!

The Bedroom Hour
Song I listened to: X Marks The Spot:
The cool vocals compliment the cool drums and guitars like the sun compliments day. This sort of reminded me of the 90s; it has that kind of retro, indie vibe that makes the song endearing after each listen.

The Moons
Song I listened to: Heart and Soul:
My gawd, these guys are cool! I don't even know if cool is the right word! It feels borderline psychedelic and each time I hear his vocals, along with those beautiful guitar sounds, I feel like I am high and this is my drug. Wonderful! It also has an Oasis vibe to it, which I obviously love!

Cochise & The Big R
Song I listened to: 123 Love:
Yay, an acoustic song! I chose to listen to this song because I wanted to hear the rawness of this band, and my gawd, did it! The lyrics genuinely moved me and I felt the beauty emitted from this song. Truly beautiful and a wonderful addition to my life.

Elliot Brown
Song I listened to: Unforgettable Me:
This electro-rock vibe is insanely addictive and powerful. This could be a power anthem for anyone and it is definitely a song that I'm going to listen to over and over again. An amazing song and an amazing talent!

Future History
Song I listened to: My Lungs Don't Feel Right:
It was truly haunting. I don't know what I can say and I think my silence speaks volumes. This was stunning and left me speechless in the greatest way possible. I'm genuinely moved by its beauty.

The Sundowners
Song I listened to: Back To You:
Now this is a song to get the party started again! It has a summer sound that I can't quite explain into words but it certainly makes you feel good and you'll be hitting that replay button as soon as the song ends.

Zoë Phillips
Song I listened to: Escape:
This is a beautiful way to conclude this week's Music Monday. Hearing this song acoustic was an honour. It was so raw, so powerful, so moving that I simply cannot express my gratitude to having this song in my life. This remarkable woman deserves every bit of attention that comes her way because her vocals and lyrics are so unique and beautiful that it needs to be heard!

So, hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday and I'll see you tomorrow!

Toodles :)

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Super Soft Ice

Schneckens, the weather is simply sublime at the moment! If you're enjoying it, like me, make sure you're wearing sunscreen. I've gone just a tiny bit red. Just a tiny bit.

It's a hot'un out there! As it's the Bank Holiday weekend, and my Mother's birthday weekend, we all went to Richmond. I've forgotten how wonderful it is there! The last time I spent time there was a year ago when I went on a small outing with my friends, including the American. But today I was with my parents, and we had a wonderful day. We had a little picnic, checked out a few shops then went for a lovely walk by the river. Even saw a few schnauzers! I know this isn't exactly the most exciting of blog posts, but for me, it's really important I share this. Once upon a time, I was too anxious to go on day trips like this. So for me to go through a whole day without any anxious thoughts and have a jolly good time is the most endearing feeling ever; and I want to share that with you all! I know that a good chunk of people suffer from anxiety, and I just want to let you know that it does become easier to control the anxious feelings. I never thought I'd be able to do this kind of thing, so to do it, and enjoy it, is wonderful, and I hope you all can too!

So keep at it, you're doing great and enjoy the Bank Holiday!

Toodles :)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Chicken Kashmir

Whatup, Schneckens!
Contrary to my initial beliefs, it is Saturday, not Sunday. This is hella awks because.. well, in theory, I don't know. Also, I know I'm late, and maybe it's because of the fact I've lost track of my days. But today's post is short because I'm actually going out to celebrate my Mother's birthday. So far we've been for an Indian and it was delightful. I had a chicken Kashmir - the bananas were so wonderful! So happy I took a risk and went for that. As Alex Turner would say: 'Suck it and see'. I'm still heartbroken I never got to see them at Finsbury Park. Eurgh. My friend got to go and a part of me resents him for that. Okay, that's a tad harsh. I blame the wine. Yes, this classy schnecken had some wine with her dinner. Seriously, this is dragging on now. Hope you have a wonderful day, and be careful with the weather. That thunder! Crikey! Have a nice evening, and see you tomorrow, maybe earlier. Maybe.


Toodles :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Hey, Schneckens!
Today I went shopping and brought a giraffe t-shirt. Man, it was a beautiful moment. It's good to take a lighthearted approach to the whole giraffe situation. I truly feel as if I'm over it now. Yeah, shocker, I know!! I got it in New Look, obviously. I furking love that shop.

So, it's my Mother's birthday today, and to celebrate we have a flake cake. We had some last night - probably not the wisest thing after a barbecue - nonetheless, it was hella dope! Tonight we're going to have a little get together and eat pretzels. I have vodka, so it's a party in my head. Then this weekend, we're going to Richmond for a picnic, so I REALLY hope the weather is nice. Plus, it'll mean I can wear my new outfits which are so nice. I think they're nice. They are nice. Stop saying nice.

Okay, little post today. But you've had picture galore the past few days, so it's not the end of the world. Plus, I tried watching Half Nelson again today, but I fell asleep, so I have no idea how it ended. Well, I do, technically, since I've watched it already.

Toodles :)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

"I Want A Sausage" - Zoella

Hey, Schneckens!
I have a pounding headache, which I will blame on the exam. I can't say anything on the exam by law as some might not have taken it yet. Plus, I don't want to. What's done is done, roll on Cold War. *weeps* I hate exams.

Now, moving onto something a lot more cheery. It was my last official day today, so we had a barbecue to celebrate. I have been at this place for 7 years, and over the last two years, I have grown into a confident young woman. Wait, this sounds like a weird advert that should advertise coconut body mist. "Coconut body mist - it makes you sexy. Go nuts, today." But, yes, it's true. Today as I indulged in a wonderful burger, I felt happy knowing that I was surrounded by great people. I truly have grown to love a large chunk of people, and it saddens me that I won't see them all anymore, including teachers. Teachers, like Ms Radley, I have known for years and reminiscing with her was bittersweet because it'll soon be over and I'll be off to new things. They all deserve a rap, like Zoella - that rap was hella dope. There's a video on YouTube, btw ( ! Next rap will be for Ms Klitou. It's gonna be big like a Greek wedding.

So, I don't want to do a big old emotional post because, for me, it's not over. Yes, it was officially (apparently, despite the fact we still have lessons), but in my eyes, it's not over till that final exam, and my final exam is Drama. That is going to be emotional. You all know how I see them as a family, so saying goodbye is going to be like losing something special. But the thing is, it won't be lost. Those beautiful, wonderful and talented souls are imprinted in my soul like a dent in the moon and their vibrant personalities have allowed me to develop into this confident lady; so they will never be forgotten. Everyday, when I am putting myself out there, it's because they gave me the confidence to do so; so they are always there. You're crying, aren't you? It's okay, I'll probably cry after that exam. When that happens, I'll be in that Drama studio, saying goodbye and that will be my official last day.

Let's not dwell though, it's not over yet! Here, let's enjoy some pictures. Some were taken by Ruby K, some were literally taken from Zoe (Above two, and last four!).

Happy Birthday, Zoella!

Toodles :)