Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Why Mean Girls Is A Representation Of The Cold War

Yes, I am super late because José shot me in head. For filming, of course. Everyone knows I could beat José easily. It was a fun filming session with Ruby, Ruby and José. Party! I mean, how else can you party after having a concoction of ketchup, Marmite, soy sauce, jam and eye liner on your forehead to represent a bullet wound? Waffles, of course!

And Mean Girls! Yes, it's 10 years old :o So to celebrate, here is what I've realised about the film; it's a bit of a Cold War representation. Here, let's take a look, shall we?

Well, let's just take an overall view of it: two differing ideologies (popular and unpopular, with the rest as neither - the Third world) When Cady Heron decides to join the popular side, arguably, it can be viewed as when the USSR  take on more, arguably, Western ideas, such as Perestroika, Glasnost etc. It also looks like Détente - they're getting along but the USSR have different ideas. Plus, she's spying for her allies, and it goes wrong and she appears to be in more power - arms race, folks! It eventually goes wrong though..
Her lovable friends - Damian and Janis, are her communist allies, like China. They have a falling out - Sino-Soviet split. Yes, in Cold War, they befriended The US, and this did not happen in the film, gawd no, but there was a mutual understanding by the end of it.

Then the popular girls. Regina George - The USA - top dawg, has the world at her mercy - most power, money and she has her allies: Gretchen Wiener - Britain - fundamental in the later years for bringing the Cold War to an end - pretty much done in the movie: "You can't sit with us!" Plus, she tries to get "fetch" to happen, but everyone knows that Regina is in charge - pretty much a representation of Reagan and Thatcher's relationship. We all know Reagan was in charge with that twosome! 

Then Karen Smith, France - one of the allies within the Cold War. I mean, they got Germany, which in the spirit of the movie is popularity, but in reality, did much get achieved with them? No, not really. People pretty much forget them. Except for one moment: "You can't just ask someone why they're white." Everyone remembers that. But is that more memorable than the actual line said by her?

Aaron Samuels - Superiority - Europe after WWII there was a  power vacuum, this power vacuum being the break up between him and Regina. Maybe it could represent Europe with Germany as it shows status, different territories, and unfair tactics from USSR - Berlin blockade, Berlin Wall - What does she do in the film? She breaks them up, deservedly, but in a bitchy manner. Win for USSR at the end because they finally get unification and Cady is accepted again. So yay!

Biggest ramble ever? Perhaps. Either way, Happy Birthday , Mean Girls! Here's my favourite moment ever:

Toodles :)

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Types of Drinkers

I know it's late, but this woman was hella busy! I have big stuff going on. Actually, that sounds like I'm making a sexual remark. I'm not. Although, I did create a few more short stories. Ooooh. Also, I had a rant today, and after that, I think I need a strong drink! So here's some types of drinkers.. You know the drill..

Types of Drinkers:

The Eastern European ~ Drinking vodka for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. Heck, even brunch!

The Safe Bet ~ They always go for the same drink every time, and although it's good to play it safe, it's also more fun when you spice up your life and go wild with a new drink.

The Weekend Champ ~ All week they are as sober as a judge, then the weekend comes and BOOM, they're dancing with trees. Or the realistic option, they're enjoying a nice drink...with trees.

The Jägerbomb Maniac ~ PAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY.

The Charlie Sheen ~ #winning all night, all day, FOREVER.

The Lightweight ~ In life we all have that one person who can't handle their alcohol and they go nuts after every sip. How, I say, how?!

The 'My Milkshakes Brings All The Boys To The Yard' ~ This person drinks a lot of milkshakes, and I'm not talking about anything smutty. I literally mean milkshakes.

The Classy Schnecken ~ Completely ironic of course because they're not. They're about as classy as a pair of stained underwear - which they probably stained themselves!

The Bitch Fit ~ Drinking wine and bitching about their partners since the start of time.

The Poppy Banoffee ~ Drinking fizzy drinks because alcohol is not their thang! You go, you!!

The Wise Owl ~ They seem to be most truthful when the liquor is poured down them. They're also pretty damn wise with their advice on how they should get together with their ex...

The Drunken Regrets ~ Don't furking get drunk and change everyone's name in your phone to 'giraffe' - it'll take FOREVER to fix it.

Aaaaand finally, The 'Really? You're THAT drunk?' ~ Drama queen, much?

So, that's it! There will be more on another day, but for now, I should probably work. Life, huh!

Toodles :)

Monday, 28 April 2014

Music Monday [On A Mission]

Hey, Schneckens!
Remember that Gabriella Cilmi song: 'On A Mission'? Well, it suddenly popped into my mind and now I'm listening to it like there's no tomorrow. Probably my power song of the day. Since this weekend, I've felt very empowered by my femininity and I'm pretty great when it comes down to business. So, let's go check out some music, shall we? Let's go!

Soulier [ft. Lisa Westera]:
Song I listened to: In The Night:
I was sent this song and when it started, it felt like paradise! These two work so perfectly together; the song feels like a finished masterpiece after two final jigsaw puzzles came together! I usually associated this type of music with clubs and that kinda thing, but hearing this, it sounds like something that would be perfect in the movies! I highly recommend you check them out individually!


Song I listened to: Carry On:
If you can get me moving at the VERY start, then this song is an instant winner! The beat is insanely brilliant that the world seems incomplete without it. I love rap, and even if rap is not your thing, the lyrics are raw and that beat is simply perfection on its own!

Todd A:
Song I listened to: The Singles Club 2014:
I discovered this guy a year ago from a friend, and today, I thought I'd check out his stuff again. Hearing this song made me regret not listening to him in a while. His tones and the guitar sounds go beautifully together; a dream like masterpiece!

Song I listened to: Higher:
As the Twitter bio says: "Rock progressive-gothic". Well, it is a perfect description. There is a haunting feel to this song, which I find incredibly uplifting. It;s songs like this that make a day special because it sums up every possible human emotion. Beautiful. Plus, they sing in other languages!

Little Green Cars:
Song I listened to: My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me:
I really hope they're never silenced because they are amazing! The gentle beat at the start is like a heartbeat, it's leading you to something amazing, and as we near it, we're completely transfixed by what we are hearing. I never wanted it to end. I'm gonna keep listening!

Song I listened to: Infidelity:
The beat to this song is extremely catchy and it makes me want to dance all night, but not in a cliché nightclub kinda way. Nah, this song has depth and meaning, making it far better than a lot of other songs!

Song I listened to: No Regrets:
It was their quirky little name that grasped my attention, but little did I know that the vocals would keep me listening! The folk vibe is beautiful and it takes me to such a happy little place that I thought never existed. The joy I feel listening to this song is surreal. Yes, the lyrics are not meant to capture that feeling, but "I'm not bitter but I'm moving on" sums up life perfectly!

Party Supplies:
Song I listened to: Security:
The start reminded me of something out of an 80s movie, and I love it!! This song is a perfect way to conclude this week's Music Monday because it's a song that you're going to keep listening to till the cows come home. Even if they don't come home, that beat, those instruments, those vocals and those lyrics will make up for it! Whatever you do this week, keep this song with you!

So, there you have it! Have a good week and enjoy the songs! Remember, if you want to make a suggestion, feel welcome! I'd love to hear it!

Toodles :)

Sunday, 27 April 2014

What Your Drink Says About You

Happy Sunday, Schneckens!
Last night I indulged in some vodka loving - vodka and [diet] coke is the greatest damn invention known to man. Well, anything with vodka is amazing. Skittles vodka. Dayuuuum. It's what dreams and drunken texts are made for. No, I didn't send any drunken texts last night, because I wasn't drunk. I felt a tad tipsy for some odd reason, but not drunk. I may have sent some truthful texts, but apart from that, I was pretty good. Pat on the back for me! Then this morning, I was discussing alcohol with my folks and it was quite interesting to hear about their first drinks and their views on alcohol and the drinker. Therefore, here is what your drink says about you in the most satirical fashion, because I really don't care what your drink says about you. If makes you visually more appealing, or interesting, then win-win, but apart from that, I really don't care!

What Your Drink Says About You:

Straight Vodka Shots ~ You think you're pretty hardcore but you're probably not.

Vodka and [insert mixer] ~ You're not hardcore enough to have it on its own, but you still want the create the illusion that you're a cool person.

Flavoured Vodka ~ Stop drinking vodka!

Gin and Tonic ~ Dude, it's okay to cry, you don't need to swallow your sadness..

Whiskey ~ Dude, it's okay to cry, you don't need to swallow your sadness..

Brandy ~ How's that book coming along?

Port ~ You're only drinking it to look more classier than what you really are, aren't you?

Rum ~ Trying to keep it cool.

Sherry ~ Move along, Grandma, the crazed youngsters are out to play.

Tequila Shots ~ You may regret it in the morning when you wake up next to some random guy called Paolo in your friend's apartment because his name triggered an undying lust for Paolo Nutini.

Margarita ~ You're smart enough not to do Tequila Shots and you look so totally fun.


Ouzo ~ Who the furk drinks Ouzo?! Ahh, I see, you're drunk already..

Cosmopolitan ~ You just watched Sex and City, didn't you? How's your lover in bed, is he big enough?

Sex on the Beach ~ You haven't sex in a while, have you?

Long Island Ice Tea ~ Trying to keep in classy, folks.

Martini ~ You'll never be James Bond no matter how hard you try.

Sangria ~ I see you have a tan, how was Spain?

Guinness ~ It's not St Patrick's Day - are we in Ireland?

Ale ~ You like to stay true to your traditional roots and you may be way past your prime, but a good ol' drink in your local is good enough for you. These kids today with their rockin' and rollin'..

Lager ~ I get it, you're a real man. Stop trying to prove your masculinity.

Cider ~ It's not furking Cidre, stop lying to yourself!

Heineken ~ Someone failed at being eccentric.

Red Wine ~ Wanna bitch about your partner?

White Wine ~ Trying to keep it classy as you openly bitch about your partner.

Champagne ~ Ooooh, someone's splashing out!

Aaaaaand I'm gonna stop because I can't think of anymore drinks. Shocker, I know! Alas, I have not had all of these drinks. I'm not that much of a drunk. Contrary to popular beliefs, I don't drink a lot. Vodka is just my weakness. Also, DRINK RESPONSIBLY, FOLKS. 

Toodles :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Problem With Banking...

Yes, that is exactly what the fox says. That and "Hi, Schneckens!"

Today I had to go to the bank; pretty boring, huh? Well, it was. It was so damn boring that I think time literally froze for a good few minutes. My goodness, I just don't understand how one thing can be so taxing and boring. Actually, post offices are pretty boring. But, yes, I went to the bank today to deal with some money related stuff. All's good, so don't worry! Were you even worrying? Naaah. So the main problem was that there was only one person at the reception when there was a huge ass line. That wouldn't have bugged me so much if, when I went on Wednesday to book the appointment, there wasn't THREE of them. Why would you have THREE people on reception during the weekday and only ONE on the weekend, when arguably it's the most busiest? To make it even worse, I had an adorable old couple in front of me who haven't quite mastered the modern world yet because they needed help to work the cash machine. Really? Did you really have to line up in reception for that when someone who was working there was right by the machine at the time? To make it even more worse, they were in the wrong bank...

So after that little pickle, you would think I got seen, right? Wrong. Nah, instead two grown men decided to have a fight because someone bumped into the other, and instead of a simple apology and that kinda jazz, they began to shout like a child having a tantrum. Speaking of which, there was a baby screaming the bank down as this was happening, and despite being sober as a judge, I had a headache that could only be compared to a bitchin' hangover. So once that was finally sorted, I was able to have my appointment and that was rather quick, so in the end it wasn't that bad. Until he made me sit there for about 10 minutes to photocopy my passport.

Le sigh. I just wanted to go to the bank and get my biz sorted out, then go do some shopping and go to a cafe for lunch. Is that too much to ask for in life?

Toodles :)

Friday, 25 April 2014

The Last One: Can't Catch Every Train

Hey, Schneckens!
The title is somewhat misleading. No, this is NOT my last past. Hell no! But it is the last post I will dedicate to the guy that will forever be unnamed. Yes, I have decided enough is enough and I want out of it. Actually, that sounds like I'm in a shifty business. Well, it kinda is shifty, not shifty in the conventional sense, but things have happened that somehow go against the accepted norms of social conduct. That was a lot of words. Essentially, everything following THAT note was not right, on both of our behalf - mainly his though. I should've spoken to him sooner because, through not doing it, I continued to stay in the mindset that it's somehow my fault, when it's not! He really needs to face up to what has happened instead of avoiding it. It's kinda insulting to the other person, just sayin'...

I guess this sounds like I had the talk, huh? Wrong. I planned to, even sent the text, but alas, I was in a lesson at the time when he text me back, and for some odd reason, he saw me and still didn't speak to me. Granted, I probably should've been the one to indicate it, but given his track record, I got incredibly anxious and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. Yes, I was that nervous. Plus, he looked like he was leaving, and I am so socially awkward that asking to talk then seemed rude. In hindsight, I wouldn't have been rude. Not replying to a text asking if lunchtime was okay, yeah, that's a tad rude. Actually, whilst I'm on this subject, and this is directed to the whole world regarding texting, if you see a message regarding something possibly important, for furk's sake, answer it! If you're busy at the time, fine, but if you're not and you're just being a wuss, then what the heck? But that's to anyone.

So, yeah. We didn't talk, and I am slightly pissed, but at the same time, I think a good old cry with my Son, Ruby, was all I needed. The talk wasn't for him, it was me. I wanted closure and a way to begin to feel better. For me, facing my fears is a way to overcome them, because I don't want anxiety to win. To plan to talk to him was incredibly brave for me, and whilst it didn't happen and I didn't have a plan of what I was going to say exactly, I knew finally acknowledging the problem would be something important for me. The problem isn't the rejection, that's the factor. The problem was the constant feeling of guilt about what I had imposed and how him saying he wanted to forget the whole thing ever happened made me feel like it was a dirty secret that I should be ashamed about. Essentially, it created a series of self doubt and woes that are far deeper than the occasional down day. I believe that crying with Ruby and saying it all felt like I got that burden off my chest, like it wasn't a bad thing, and now I feel like I have nothing holding me back anymore. Granted, I need to speak to a professional about some of these problems, but I truly believe that speaking to both Ruby K and Ruby F and Tanaka made me feel like it's not my fault and I have nothing to feel bad about. Also, to you, my reader, the fact you're reading this makes me feel better too. My voice is being heard and I feel as if you understand me, and if I can inspire you in any way, that makes me feel pretty darn happy!

Well, this is it. No more posts about him. I'm sure I'll mention him if something happens, but not like this. Like the title says: 'Can't catch every train'. I didn't get to go on that train, as in a relationship, but I did get on a new one: the train of self discovery. I am a short, curvy, eccentric, funny, kind, talented and a crazy motherfurker, and waking up every day as this woman is far better than anything else I could possibly desire. Yeah, having a man would be great, so would looking hot in a dress, but hey, time's a funny thing. I'll get on a new train one day; the train that's right for me. It might be cheap, and it's only going to Southend-on-Sea, but I like Southend-on-Sea.

Toodles :)

“Crazy isn't being broken or swallowing a dark secret.
It's you or me amplified.
If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it.
If you ever wished you could be a child forever."

Thursday, 24 April 2014

25 MORE Random Facts About Me

Yes, Schneckens. I'm a L8 CMMR.
Sorry, I'm listening to Lily Allen. No, that's not why I am late. I had a test today. Furk. It went horribly. Let's not even bother talking about it. Instead, here are 25 random facts about me since I have nothing of worth to talk about. Well, expect for this:
"You can't catch every train."
I don't know where I got this from. But we can't catch every train. I'm sure if I was drunk enough I'd talk about it, alas, I'm more sober than a judge. So here's my facts, along with the first one:

25 MORE Random Facts About Me:

25. Despite the fact I wrote a rather erotic novel, I struggle to spot the smut in most songs. I couldn't work out what 'Not Fair' was about. I sung that to A LOT of people.

26. The first book I remember reading was Mog. Loved that book. I really miss it.

27. I have had many animals in my life: 2 goldfishes, 3 rabbits, 2 hamsters, 1 budgie and 1 cat. Snibbs, the cat, lasted the longest and she was the greatest damn cat, ever!

28. Drunkenly, I adopted a zebra. I already had one called Debra, now I have another one. I'm not very good at this, am I?

29. I only started to dislike Cheryl Cole when she was on X Factor and would criticise a contestant on their pitch/vocals and that kinda thing, then mime in the same show. Really? REALLY?!

30. Cher Lloyd: not that bad. I don't own any of her stuff, nor listen to her, but she's not bad.

31. I watch too many cooking shows; mainly Come Dine With Me. I can watch an old episode a million times - more times than Friends.

32. Blue is my favourite colour, but I don't know why.

33. I rarely use blue though.

34. When I was a youngster, like really young, I had an irrational fear about World War Two. I was afraid of studying it because I thought that it was going to happen again. Now I study the Cold War and I love it - the lesson, not the actual war, even though it didn't "heat up" a lot.

35. I wanna be Sheezus.

36. The first cake I ever baked was Lemon Drizzle Cake. It was amazing, I loved it. Probably the best thing I have baked.

37. I've only had a Russian alter ego for just over a year. Before that I use to pretend I was pregnant. I don't know why, but I did. Used to imagine that my scarf was a baby. Weird.

38. One Day is my favourite book. It was the first book I ever connected to and I cried so much afterwards. It probably gave me an unrealistic expectation of love, but hey, it's a great book. The film also wasn't that bad. It wasn't great, but I liked it.

39. My favourite film is 'Girl, Interrupted'. The line: “Crazy isn't being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It's you or me amplified" pretty much changed my life.

40. I've watched Bridesmaids countless amounts of times; it's THAT funny.

41. I care more about what Lil Bub, Grumpy, Pudge etc etc are doing than most human beings. There, I said it.

42. A bird crapped on me at night once.

43. Vodka on a Thursday night is not bad. Not bad at all.

44. I would break up with someone on a Thursday.

45. The point above is a reference to Leona Lewis' 'Naked', which is the one of the few songs that I'm too emotionally connected to.

46. I now have 18 cardigans.

47. Popping candy makes me giggle like a little school girl.

48. The greatest role I have played was Jean from Find Me. But I'm glad I only got to do a 2 minute monologue because the whole play would've meant an entirely different character. Plus, I based her on a real person; someone incredibly close to me and I didn't want that person in the audience that night because it would've been too hard for all of us.

49. My favourite song will forever be 'Good Life' by OneRepublic because whenever I feel anxious, I listen to it and it calms me down.

Aaaaaand finally, 50. Out of the Team Watsky and Team Shukoff debate of last year, Shukoff initially won until February.Then Watsky took over. He won the battle.

So, how useless were these facts? Well, enjoy!

Toodles :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Food For Thought

Initially I was going to do a well thought out blog post surrounding my attitudes towards food and how I hope to change the way I think. Then I found out I had an exam tomorrow... So, instead, this post will be remarkably short just to allow me time to revise. It pretty much, at the moment, dominates my life. There seems to be a link between indulgence and guilt, which is a tad overwhelming. I'm not going to lie, my change in attitude towards food is concerning, some might say it's somewhat alarming. I genuinely don't know what to do about it. The words *whispers* 'Eating Disorder', seems scary to me - surely I can't have a problem if I'm not underweight; arguably I could probably stand to lose some pounds. I'm not saying I have an Eating Disorder, far from it; that's up to a medical professional to diagnose me. But until I talk to a professional about this, what do I do? The amount I allow to take in and what I refuse isn't an ideal way to live. I would like to eat a sandwich and not feel guilty. I would also like to have a treat day and not think about how I'm going to "fix" it. Friends aren't exactly the right people to talk to right now; their support is much appreciated, but I'm in a mindset where their compliments are just programmed responses so they don't hurt my feelings. Essentially, if they tell me I look good, I won't believe them. But doesn't every human being feel this way?

Anyway, that's just a little talk about what's really going on right now. I guess the last few weeks with the blog there has been a mention of dieting and how it's a bit excessive, but this is the first time I've addressed a potential issue. I only decided to discuss this now because I was having a discussion about the guy again. I'm sorry. I just want closure; an apology. Contrary to popular belief, although it wont fix things, it will make me feel better because it will allow me to accept it's over and that he realises his faults in the whole situation so I don't have to constantly feel as if it is my fault. I guess it comes down to guilt again...

Toodles :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hey, Schneckens!
The title has nothing to do with this post, apart from the fact I'm listening to it now. It's a great song. Fun fact for you, it's about heroin. When you're not laughing, you're learning.

So, what am I going to blog about today? Well, I realised something - I like to rant once in a while. Sometimes, more than once in a while because I ranted 5 times today. Yes, FIVE TIMES. What the hell am I even ranting about? Well, 3/5 were the same thing I usually rant about, and it's that unnamed idiot who continues to do stupid things. But do you really need to hear me rant about him? Probably not, but I'm going to since I have nothing else to write about and these rants are usually fun. Basically, he didn't come to my birthday because of "work" - I'm still very skeptical of this because he's known for weeks about the damn birthday and he should've told me if anything had changed; not wait until the day (which he got wrong anyway!) Another fun fact for you, whilst he did say happy birthday, it was a SnapChat, which probably only happened because I sent a picture to everyone, including him. I wouldn't be surprised if I got nothing from him on the actual day. I won't even be surprised if I don't get anything from him - not even an apology. This isn't really a rant, is it? I guess he isn't worth another rant.

Anyway, why is no one listening to Beetlebum right now? It's a song about drugs and it's better than most of the crap nowadays. I can't believe I didn't work out the meaning sooner. I mean: "You beetlebum just get numb" - pretty druggish there. Plus, it's a drug term. I guess that when a song has a title like that, it's got to be something unconventional. Like Nine Inch Nails' 'Reptile' - that's about an STI. Yep. I'm gonna leave you with that revelation.

Toodles :)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Music Monday [Hungover]

Sup, Schneckens.
We know the deal. It's Monday. There's music. It must be Music Monday. Let's begin!

1. Aaron and Andrew:
Song I listened to: Parachute Heart:
The song reminded me of the summer days, by the lake.. Okay, I've never done that, but this song took me to a place I've never been to before. You need a song like that. Plus, the instruments were totally on point.

2. Morning Parade:
Song I listened to: Alienation:
There's a cool rocky-electro vibe to this song, and I love it, and I believe that others will love it too. What makes it even better is the beautiful lyrics that anyone can relate to!

3. Zak Waters:
Song I listened to: Over You:
The soft piano at the start almost tricks you into thinking it's just another dreary ballad, then BOOM, you're getting up and working it! It's a rather sensual beat that you can't ignore, and it makes the song instantly catchy!

4. Misun:
Song I listened to: Sleep:
The electro vibe is absolutely amazing!! Then her enigmatic vocals kick in and the world freezes momentarily as you're lost in the greatness of this song. Then you dance, and you dance forever!

5. Viceroy:
Song I listened to: Nelly - Ride Wit Me (Viceroy "Jet Life" Remix):
As the captions say underneath, it truly is Summertime all the time with this song! It will bring a spark into your day, and get you feeling high, without the use of substances ... unless that's your thing, and if it is, go ahead! *I'm not promoting the use of substances, it's your body, it's your mind*

Well, I'm going to stop here, and eat some birthday cake! It truly is a grand Monday!

Toodles :)

Things I Learnt From My Birthday

Hey, Schneckens!
I had a great birthday yesterday! I got amazing gifts, some great raps (from a nun!!) and I had a wonderful meal with my family. It truly was a magical birthday, and to top it all off, I got a tweet from Watsky! Little things like that really make a day even more special. So, I'm another year older now, therefore, let's see what I've already learnt, if anything...

Things I Learnt From My Birthday:

1. Crumpets: not that great. Even bunny shaped ones with fancy jam.
2. I'm pretty terrible at getting hints.
3. I am always a sucker for pretty men, despite how angry I am at them.
4. I reaaally like coconuts.
5. Nuns are pretty fly rappers.
6. My love for Kylie was not highlighted to everyone.
7. There's no such thing as too much blue.
8. Apparently I am just a teensy bit obsessed with Russia.
9. My Mother sung 'Wonderwall' to me the night I was born.
10. It's a tad awkward drinking alcohol in front of your family.
11. Eight people can fit around a table for six, despite how frickin' cramped it is.
12. Cat cards impress me more than money. Especially talking cats.
13. My parents have a secret life me, or my Sister, don't know about, but really want to know.
14. A burger with bacon, pineapple and BBQ sauce is the greatest combo ever.
15. Having a banoffee pot is overly satisfying on 4/20.
16. The 375 bus is smaller than what it used to be.
17. Kylie has 3 sex songs on 1 album.
18. Watsky is a great gentlemen. I already knew that but it's always grand to remind myself.

Yes, I learnt these lessons. It was a grand day. Don't worry, Music Monday will be up later, but don't expect too much today. It is a bank holiday after all.

Toodles :)

Sunday, 20 April 2014


So...Shall we sing happy birthday, Schneckens?
Naaah, I prefer raps. Any kind really. Go crazy!

Yes, today is finally my birthday and the only day of the year when I am not lying about it being my birthday. I'm saying birthday too much. Too much. I guess you could say that I can't get it out of my head. Now I should be so lucky. Should we do the locomotion? I'm spinning around, move outta my way, maybe? Guys, I got Kylie Minogue's autograph for my birthday!! The greatest surprise ever! Thanks Ruby (Mom). My raps from Josephine (Sis-in-law) and Ruby (Son) were amazing, and Josephine the book looks great and well done on picking the cardi - the 18th one! much Sherlock - so thaaaanks! Then there was the gift from Tanaka and Keisha (who was ill, sadly), (my crazy Aunts); the gift card was much appreciated - totally gonna buy a cardi, or a skirt. Then there was Bart's (Crazy Uncle) present - a tea set. How sweet. But now I look super old. I like being old though; better than you youngsters! And Ruby (Mom), the photo album really moved me, so thanks :) The reason why I've put relative names next to them is because they're kinda like family; I mean, friends are the family you choose and they've been there. I mean, they came to the shindig. Alas, I could say loads, but it is my birthday and I need to watch some stuff. I got great gifts from the family - including Jon Richardson tickets - they're here, folks!!

Enjoy the pictures - the highlights because somebody (Ruby my Son) went crazy with the pictures. I'll blame it on the love between Rosé and Jasper who went on their first (of many!) date. So cute!

All these pictures were taken by everyone at this, so I won't individually credit them, but everyone here did something, so...enjoy!

Toodles :)