Monday, 31 March 2014

Music Monday [Manic March]

YOLO, Schneckens!
Did I seriously just say 'YOLO'? I've been saying that all week now. It literally is just like I discovered the word and I can't stop using it. I've also used it to describe my crazy diet. Speaking of which, I'm torn. I set out to do 5 days, but everyone keeps saying no, so I might have to re-consider it. Or lie. I'm sure they can see through the lies though. Right?

Moving on, today I printed shiz loads of things and I'm nearly finished my coursework. Weirdly, History is going better than English. I'm really concerned about this. I just want to get a good grade in everything, and it's starting to take a toll on me. I did get 28/30 in Drama. Furk yeah!! Let's celebrate this, and the end of the month (wuuut!) with some tunes. I've actually got someone doing work experience with me now, so big shout outs to Ruby Khushi (@maybellepepsi), who has provided me with today's list! Except for no.8, that goes to my twitbud, Anna (@Tkbmusic444) Thanks!!

1. Glass City Vice:
Song I listened to: Have To Say:
This song sounds completely cool and fresh. They seem to catch the essence of summer and all that jazz, which makes the song insanely catchy. The instruments compliment the song, too, which is always neat!

2. Leddra Chapman:
Song I listened to: A Little Easier:
If I had to find a song that completely relates to life and the malarchy of it all, this song fits perfectly. The beautiful lyrics and the stunning instruments creates a heavenly mix that makes it hard to stop listening. Her voice tone is equally as amazing.

3. Ella Chi:
Song I listened to: All I Do:
I found it hard to try and find her music channel, but I listened to this song and now I am desperate to find it! With any other artist where I couldn't find the channel, I would leave it and find someone else, but her rich tones are stunning and silky. Is that a proper term? Either way, she has a set of vocals on her!

4. Amy Studt:
Song I listened to: Misfit:
I actually already knew this song, but I never really listened to it. Sure, it's old, but I'm so happy I actually listened to this song! This song makes me feel pretty better about myself overall. But for more recent songs, go on her official page, I'll join you there!

5. Neonfly:
Song I listened to: A Gift To Remember:
FURK, THIS WAS AMAZING! Sorry, I've calmed down now. Kinda. Listen, this song is probably going to played in my house all evening, all night and probably all day tomorrow. I need this song in my life. The instrumental is sick! I wish I had this song earlier!

6. Woman's Hour:
Song I listened to: Darkest Place:
This song is so intense, and sometimes, intensity is something you need in life. The lyrics really get me, and with the gently sounds in the background, it makes a beautiful combo.

7. Royal Blood:
Song I listened to: Little Monster:
Crikey! This song is incredibly sexy. Or is that too weird? The guitar makes me want to do something I haven't actually thought through yet because my mind is consumed by this song. I never want it to end, and I will find this song, buy it and make everyone listen to it! It is THAT amazing!

8. Three Days Dark:
Song I listened to: The Breaks:
The instrument at the beginning made me swoon. Then the lyrics kicked in as I was swaying in my chair, almost losing myself. Then I realised I had to write this and I swiftly snapped out of my quixotic state. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going back to that state.

So, that's Monday for you! Tomorrow is April!! The countdown for my birthday begins!

cat cute cats sweet kitties kitten gif

Toodles :)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Hello, Schneckens!
It's Sunday, and despite the fact I have tons of work to do, I'm feeling relatively calm. Ish. Okay, I'm not calm. I have so much furking work to do and I need to go shopping later because someone keeps eating all my damn tomatoes and cucumbers. Gaaaaawd.

Today is Mother's Day. I always feel uncomfortable with this day because I know that not everyone has a mum to "celebrate" this day with. My mother, for instance. It's always hard when me and Sibling do sweet things for Mother's Day, knowing that Mother can't do it herself, and I can see that in her eyes. I guess that's what I learnt about this day as I've gotten older. It's not necessarily about buying a shit load of presents and stuff for your mum, it's about showing her how much you care. And that shouldn't be emphasised for one day. As much as that's cliché, your love shouldn't be defined for one day. Love is infinite, it never ends, even if the person isn't here. This day, I suppose is a reminder of the love we should show our mothers, or motherly figures. I do enjoy spoiling my mother, because she deserves a treat, just like every other person.

I'm not going to lie and make out that my Mother is the most perfect person in the world, because that's not true. My Mother has many flaws, just like every other human being in the world. I won't also lie and say that my Mother and I are insanely close. We're close, but not to the extent where I can confide in her about things. Perhaps I'm like that because I don't want to worry her about certain things. Whatever the reason is, I don't also go to my Mother, but I go to motherly figures, so this day is as much for them as it is for the biological mothers. I'm not shunning my mother and I's relationship, hell no! I love my mother more than I love the world itself, and I'll try and protect her from any pain if possible. Yeah, I'm cool like that. Learnt that from my Mother.

I have learnt shit loads from my Mother though. For instance, "Never run for a man, or a bus. There's another one just around the corner." Yes, I haven't followed this entirely...damn you, ____. But I never run for a bus, but that may be cause I'm kinda lazy. I also learnt strength from my Mother. She is a strong cookie when need be. Physically, and emotionally. I guess I learnt that inner strength grows with each day, and despite the knocks, you should keep going. Sure, I've also developed bad traits from my Mother, but that's overpowered by the good things. I've had an amazing life with my mother so far, my memories are precious and never fail to make me smile. My Mother has been by my side as I've developed into the woman I have become. Sure, this woman is a tad emotionally unstable and that kinda thing, but my Mother is there, and she won't give up on me.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, including the nans, sisters, aunts and any other motherly figures. And to those mums up in the skies, everything is fine, thanks for watching over us. xx

Toodles :)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Rom-Com Moments

Hey, hey, Schneckens!
I ate some questionable sausages today and now I am certain that every movement in my body is a reaction to them.This is what happens when I cook. I'm not a bad cook, I just get overly paranoid. Besides, I'm a better baker than I am a cook. I'm terrified that I'm going to write 'cock' instead of 'cook'. That shiz is always awks.

Speaking of awks, recently I have developed a new concept called 'Rom-Com Moments'. For those who don't have a clue about what I am on about, it is merely a moment where something happens that resembles a romantic comedy, yet it is actually happening. So many have happened this past week, and I haven't really discussed it. So, now, on a Saturday evening, I'm going to bare my soul and reveal how I have become the Jennifer Aniston of the hood. The hood being my circle of friends. Yes, I have friends. Oh wait, Jennifer Aniston was in Friends. Damn, where am I going with this? Let's go.

1. I Fell For You ~ Not you, unless the person who I fell for is actually reading this, and if he is, this may get a tad awks for both of us. Remember when I said I tripped up the stairs, well, I did, and it furking hurt. That's not the rom-com moment. Naah. This is: I tripped up the stairs, my shoe came off, I tripped into a puddle because it had rained heavily prior to this, he came rushing over to me, put his hand  on my back and somehow unhooked my bra. He then guided me inside where we talked about stuff. Then Delf walks in. Did we get together after this? God, no. Did we bond somewhat? Kinda, if fainting is your thing. But, it is fun using the line 'I fell for _____', until people get the wrong idea and starting fantasizing about that relationship coming to life. So... I'd give this a 8/10 Rom-Com rating.

2. 4 Words, 15 Minutes ~ During the same day, but probably an hour later, ish, I was chilling with my gal pals discussing random shit. Then, all of a sudden, my phone vibrates in my pocket and I look at my phone to see a message from him, asking how I was. This is the first part of the rom-com moment because the three of us spent ages trying to think about how we would reply. This is why it was so hard: he took the time to get out his phone, unlock it, go into his messages, find me, write the message (using the proper grammar and stuff), send it, then wait 15 WHOLE MINUTES for a damn reply. Yes, 15 minutes. That's not so bad if it wasn't a mere 4 words and a smiley face. My reply was heartfelt though, just sayin'... Then I left the phone with them as I went to talk to someone. As I'm talking, I hear them scream. He replied back. In one minute, he replied with 3 lines. We all screamed. It was perhaps the most bizarre thing that had ever happened. I literally left the person I was talking to in order to fangirl with the gals. This is a strong 10/10 for a Rom-Com rating.

3. Should I Stay, Or Should I Go? ~ This is a brand new day, yesterday, to be exact. Right? Yes, it was. Basically, in the morning, I was talking to him and we got interrupted, so he said we would talk at a specific time period. So, then I left and the time had come, and he wasn't there. Fine, I can deal with that, I had History anyway. But then he wasn't there for the two hours anyway. I wasn't angry, but I was half-upset, half-indifferent. Okay, that's a lie. I was kinda upset because however he would reply, it would seem like he just forgot about me (now I don't think this, but at the time I did - I was upset, guuuuys!). So then, I was with the gals again, and they all pretty much said the same thing; I should send him a text and that I shouldn't be made to feel like this. Obvs, I didn't send him a furious message, because that would be stupid, but I sent him a casual text asking if were meant to talk or something. Believe it or not, that isn't the rom-com moment. The real moment follows. Basically, I was showing them something on my phone when it suddenly vibrates and it says that he had to do something and that he's outside now. Cue hysterics - from them, not me! They sprayed vanilla perfume on me, gave me lip stuff, fixed my hair. Okay, I allowed all this to happen and I was just as bad. It was funny though. I'd give it a 8/10 because I made a fuss for nothing.

4. Cock-Blocked ~ The true rom-com moment. After a big fuss inside, I finally made it outside and I saw him, sitting at the table, with his friend. I walk over, and sit by him, and he asks me the question: have you eaten lunch? Before you schneckens get all upset, I knew that's what the talk was going to be about - that's what we were discussing in the morning. But despite our attempts to continue this conversation properly, everyone just kept coming over. EVERYONE. In the end, I just sat there, my flowing in the wind, as I accepted that this talk will probably never happen. Then Delf came over, and then any last remaining hopes died as I looked at him one last time. Yeah, thank gawd the talk was just about my YOLOing because if it was anything else, I would be so pissed right now! So, rom-com 7/10 purely because I made a big fuss over nothing. And it was kinda chilly out there.

So, those are some Rom-Com moments. I want more to happen because they are so fun. Sure, in the films they are signs that the people are going to get together and in real life it won't happen, but still, it's harmless fun. And if he did happen to read this, sorrrrrrrry. It's not real, it's just the ramblings of a woman who watches too many rom-coms!

Now here are some rom-com gifs that come up when you google that:

The Notebook *weeps*
13 Going On 30 *weeps*
When Harry Met Sally *weeps*
Love Actually *weeps*

Toodles :)

Friday, 28 March 2014


Happy Friday, Schneckens!

I decided to push back my blog post today because I needed a moment to myself. Eventually in life, you're going to reach a moment when there is a concoction of emotions that run through your body, usually triggered by one single event, or person. This past fortnight, I have heightened my diet to extreme lengths, and if you've read my blog on a daily basis, you would know that it hasn't gone well, entirely. Yet, despite this, I have no intentions of stopping, and I made that clear to one person today. But now, I feel immense guilt. Not because I'm doing a diet that could seriously harm me, but because I feel like I am interfering with his life. We were texting last night, and he told me something, and I was so self indulged with my own problems, I didn't even ask how he was. I hate myself for that. Then this morning, when I spoke to him and told him to forget what I said last night, and he said some stuff, I still didn't ask how he was. In fact, I'm certain I was taunting him by constantly stating that I would do this YOLO thing (the diet, obvs), and at one point that I like YOLO (the word, not the thing - it sounds like YOYO); despite the fact he keeps telling me not to and to be careful.

He's not the only person to warn me and stuff, but I don't know, I guess I feel more guilty around him. I know there was a reason why I decided to confide in him, rather than the others. But I guess that makes it harder because I'm starting to realise that he has his own problems going on, and I hate to think that I'm interfering with things. I know all I have to do is stop this, but I can't. It would feel like failing. But I also know I can't do it on my own, and he said he would help anytime. Yet, I can't shake off this guilt. I don't want to makes things worse, nor don't I want to make him angry, or overly concerned. I'm assuming that he does actually care, since he's done a lot in this past fortnight. But I don't want to eventually piss him off by going against what he is clearly warning me against. He seems to get that I don't want to stop, which is more than others.

I know I have to stop, for my own good, but I just can't. There's a voice in my head that keeps telling me that I'm so close to getting where I want to get that stopping would mean a failure and a waste of all that time and effort. It's a tricky one.

Toodles :)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Awks Moment Part I

Sleeeeeeeeeeepy. I am so sleepy. Today I got to be a floozy in Drama; it was remarkably fun. I should consider the floozy lifestyle more often. Actually, maybe not. Nooooo. I want to talk about an awkward moment today because it was probably the biggest shock of the century so far! What happened? I hear you cry, well here's what.

I furking told Zoella everything! I won't go into too much details, but basically I said everything that had happened over the past few months. Her face looked shocked, and she was horrified at this single guy's actions. She wanted to throttle him, and believes he is a dickhead and a bastard. He was. Maybe I'm in so deep that I'm defending him. Actually, I'm not. He generally is a lovely guy who has helped me a lot recently. Sure, then, during the whole 'Note-Gate' scandal, I could've killed him, now I see why he did it. Truthfully, he is a lovely guy, who occasionally does STUPID things. But apart from that, all's good.

I'm going now. I am hecka tired. Maybe I'll tell you what I did in Drama another day, or maybe that's for you to imagine yourselves...

Toodles :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

11 Signs That You're Obsessed With Russia

Hey, Schneckens.
I feel weird calling you schneckens if I'm going to discuss Russia. But you know, Russia and Germany relate. I mean, there was the whole Berlin crises, the Berlin Wall and that kinda thing - the Russians were behind that. Yep, during the Cold War, Germany was the pawn of the USA and USSR. No one really won there. Well, the West did because the Wall came down and Germany was unified in 1990. I read a lot of Russian books today, hence my interest in Russia. Actually, that's a lie. I've always liked Russia. How many times have I said Russia now? A lot. I did read books about Russia today. And Poland. I had way too much fun today. Gravy.

11 Signs That You're Obsessed With Russia:

1. You've convinced yourself that you're Russian ~ Even though you probably are if you do your research, it's not actually confirmed, but you believe in it anyway. See that, folks? That's me convincing myself that I am actually Russian.

2. You're speaking Russian at random points ~ You're in a shop, and they give you the reciet, but instead of a simple "Thank you", you respond with: "спасибо". They stare at you, confused, but you just carry on with your life.

3. You speak with a Russian accent effortlessly ~ Most people can do the cliché accents, like Irish, Australian, but you're different and go Russian. It's not a challenge, and it's completely second nature. It's like it is imprinted in your soul.

4. You tell strangers you're from Russia ~ They don't know you and they can't question you. Well, they can, but that won't stop you.

5. You want all the books on Russia in your library ~ You probably could take them all, and read every single one of them and still never get bored!

6. The Librarian expresses his disappointment that you're studying Drama, and not Russian History ~ No one has ever asked "why?" you're doing Drama, everyone knows its your thaaaang. But he really seemed disappointed that you chose the arts over Mother Russia.

7. You mention Russia A LOT in conversations ~ "In Soviet Russia [point being made], then you get shot". As I write this, and read it, it's said in the Russian accent.

8. All your work relates to Russia somehow ~ History, well that's obvious. English, you're writing about Lolita. Drama, you played Khrushchev in your piece, and did a performance on the Berlin Wall. You also did an extra project on Stalin's Russia.

9. You reaaaaally like Vodka ~ You use it as a substitute for milk in your tea. And cereal.

10. No one questions your Russian-ness ~ You've banged on about it for so long now, it's more of a surprise if you're not doing something Russian related.

11. You have a Russian alter-ego ~ You essentially do everything above, only bigger and more dramatic. And in public.

Aaaaaand that's 11 signs that you are so damn obsessed with Russia. I've said Russia more times than they were invaded by the West during WW2. Oooooooooh!

Toodles :)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hollandaise Sauce!

I fell for you today. Literally. Haha. So, yes. I fell going up the stairs today, and something like that would've once traumatised me and loads of people saw it, but I can't help but see the funny side of it. What happened was that I hadn't eaten a proper breakfast because I was running late today, so by the time I fell, I was pretty tired. We, as I was walking up the stairs, I missed the first step, then the second one, and by then, I couldn't repair what was happening. So I fell, my shoe came off like Cinderella, and Sylvester, José and Ruby came to my side, and were pretty concerned. Most people would've laughed. I was more concerned about the shoe than anything else, so that says a lot about me. But yeah, I also landed in a puddle. Awks. Some awks things also happened when someone put their hand on my back. It was the most beautiful rom-com fall. EVER. Eventually, they guided me inside, after I dramatically announced I hadn't eaten, and there was the usual line from Sylvester, and we sat on a row of chairs, as if we were waiting for an interview or some test results. Sylvester then told me some stories, and I laughed so much that it counter balanced the pain in my leg. Then we left, and I went to the moon.

By moon, I mean, the other site. We bumped into Ruby McGuire and Ruby told her what happened. She didn't ask how I was, but asked if anyone had recorded it. Thanks. Basically, we told anyone who wanted to know because it was furking funny. Then me and the Rubys embraced our inner girly girls and fangirled over the messages I had received. It took us 15 minutes to reply with 4 words! He replied in ONE MINUTE. Women, huh!

Then this happened...

So, I said it was going to be a good day, and it was. I ate my chicken on a box of dreams. Now that chicken's stuck in my teeth. I also got dates today. Making my fall even more rom-comish.

Toodles :)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Music Monday [Celebration]

Hey, Schneckens!
I'm feeling a bit weak today, so I might be a tad quick writing this post. Today is my 30th week pull free, and I am incredibly proud of how far I have come. I also finally discussed my diet to someone, and it really made things clearer, but I'm too afraid to stop. I've done it for so long, and I am SO close to getting where I want to do, and I think that if I just stop, I'll pile on the weight. People have been so nice to me, and I hate what I'm doing, but I can't stop, at least, not on my own.

Anyway, 30 weeks! Let's celebrate with some music!

1. Octopus Mask:
Song I listened to: Magnets:
These guys are like the Gods of the instruments. There are only two of them, but they seem far greater than just the two of them. I love them. The guy on the drums is rad. Check out there stuff, they seem cool!

2. Daniel Pearson:
Song I listened to: Lost My Way:
The beat is nice and catchy! I'll certainly be listening to this song again. I'll totally check out some more of his stuff. He has a beautiful tone to his voice.

3. Jenn Beaupre:
Song I listened to: Isn't She Lovely [Cover]:
Her voice is heavenly! I haven't heard many females cover this song. She does it justice; it was stunningly beautiful!

4. Glitter Rose:
Song I listened to: American Girl:
She sounds so friendly, but has an inner rock chick voice, which makes her so compelling! I love this song so much. It's hard to believe I've only just heard it! I want to be an American Girl after hearing this! Plus, I was feeling pretty crappy today, and this made me feel better!

5. The Glass Child
Song I listened to: Who Am I:
I am going through a very difficult time right now, so hearing this song really made me feel like I'm not alone. It's really important for a song to connect to you, and this done so. I don't know what I'm going to do but this song will be playing through every step I take!

6. AYER:
Song I listened to: Circle Down:
This makes me feel like I'm on LSD and everything is amazing! The song is amazing. I could listen to this all night, all day, and I'll still feel great! The beat is amazing. I want the beat. It's what dreams are made of!

So, I have to go now. Feeling pretty groggy.

Toodles :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

No Soul To Sell

Hey, Schneckens!
Today will be pretty quick as I've spent my whole day on my laptop writing my new short story! Yes, you've heard it here, folks - I have written a short story!

After writing my full length novel last year, Waking Hour, I've tried to recreate the same buzz through countless attempts at writing something new. But to be honest with you, it just hasn't worked because I haven't got the time anymore. Yet, last night, I just had a quick thought and I began writing it. Yes, I wrote this short story in less than 24 hours! It is called 'No Soul To Sell', and it is about a woman who has an addictive personality and will do anything to get her buzz. Even when she realises that she's hurting herself, she doesn't care, because she loves the thrill too much. She literally can't live without it.

It's pretty kinky, I can't lie about that. It was inspired by Nine Inch Nail's Closer, and Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber. But I don't think that's why I like this story so much. Yes, I like my story, you got a problem with that?! I'm only joking. But I do like it because it is inspired by someone that hurt me greatly - and even though the events in the story are fictional, the symbols and the themes all relate to what really happened with this guy. Yep, that guy I always bang on about inspired my story. I 'Adeled', folks. Sorry about that! This guy, somehow, still manages to ... I can't remember the sentence, because of him! Okay, maybe not. But I'm still not over him, in fact, I'm pretty terrified in case I'm more into him than before, and that he'll find this out, avoid me forever, and then I really am going to have to go cold turkey, and maaaan, I don't want to do that until I'm ready.

So yeah, that's my short story. I'm going to show it to my colleagues tomorrow. There's two copies: the REAL version, and the RUSSIAN version. The Russian one will be given to most people and only my close friends will see the real version because we need to decide if it's appropriate to actually use the names in the story. That's the only differences with the versions - the names. I use obvious names, so people will instantly know who the story is about. The Russian version is just Russian names. So yeah.

Toodles :)

Oh, yes. Tomorrow (24th March) is my 30th week pull free, so I think we should party! Paaaaaarty hard I say! Double paaaaarty!

I have eyelashes, eye brows and long hair!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

24 Problems Diabetics Know [And Hate]

Happy Saturday, Schneckens.
Is it too early to wish you a 'happy Saturday' if it's not even noon yet? Nah, spreading joy and all that shiz. But you know what isn't joyful and shiz? Diabetes. I have been diabetic for 15 years, and despite that, I still don't fully know what I'm doing. Just as I think I've mastered it, it's like the Diabetic gods think; "Nah, she needs a challenge, #YOLO". Actually, I don't think the gods would use #YOLO, I don't think anyone uses that, at least in the appropriate context. But yes, even though after my last check up, and I was deemed "so perfect, it's actually quite boring", it would appear that I seem to have mastered this Diabetes malarcky Maybe? Not entirely, I mean, I've taken too much insulin on countless occasions in the past fortnight, been low SO MANY TIMES and that kinda thing. So, it's a tricky one. Yet another furking problem with having Diabetes - you're never completely sure you're doing it right.

Anyway, in the spirit of this, here are 24 problems that I know and hate, which I'm going to make a guess and say that others may get it too. At least one. But I will note now, Diabetes is a serious problem if you don't manage it properly. It doesn't have to interfere with your life, but you have to ensure that you take care of it. Don't neglect it, seriously!

24 Problems Diabetics Know [And Hate]:

1. People assuming that you are overweight ~ There seems to be a minority of people that think that if you have Diabetes, you must be overweight, or it's weight related. No! Type 2 Diabetics, yeah, not Type 1!

2. "Can you eat chocolate? I don't want to kill you." ~ Unless you've put cyanide in that chocolate, it's not going to kill me. If I said I want it, then I know I can have it. I'm in charge of my Diabetes, and I know what I can and can't have.

3. Likewise, Diabetic chocolate ~ For goodness sake: there is nothing special about Diabetic chocolate! In fact, it messes with your toilet habits, so I'd rather have the conventional chocolate, please.

4. Injecting in public ~ People always stare! What, have you never seen a woman stick a needle in her body before? I should consider charging people to watch this so called show, and I'll be hella loaded!

5. Night Outs ~ There has been countless times when I've had to make a decision about whether I should inject before I go out, or inject at the place. It's always a hard one because it comes down to whether I want to chance a hypo, or inject in a public place (where I'm probably wearing awkward clothes) and carry my stuff around with me all night (it's a tad awks clubbing, just sayin').

6. Having hypos in work/public ~ Grumble, grumble! All you want to do is stop everything you're doing and treat your hypo, but it's not always that simple. You feel tired, and feel bad for annoying your friends with your incoherent state, and you just pray for those Lucozade tablets to kick in fast!

7. Forgetting your emergency supplies ~ You're having a hypo, and you rummage through your bag/pockets, and discover that you have forgotten your Lucozade pills, an you have nothing on you! It's the most frustrating thing in the world, and despite you telling yourself it will never happen again, you do, and the cycle continues.

8. People assuming you're drunk ~ When you have a hypo, you appear somewhat drunk, and you'll to incoherent to really care about others at that point. But later, when you're stable, and YOUR friends thought you were drunk, you instantly become pissed. How very dare they!

9. Swimwear season ~ Oh, the horror! The constant dilemma of whether to wear a two piece, or a swimsuit, because your body has bruises over them. It never looks flattering, and you have to make sure that you don't burn your injection zone, or it will furking hurt when you inject!

10. Having more bruises than a heroin addict ~ It's not pretty to look at, and you never feel comfortable showing your body.

11. "Does it hurt?" ~ I'm sticking a needle into my body, what to do you think? Actually, that's a lie, it doesn't always hurt. But when it does, and I hear that question, I'll make you hurt in a minute!

12. Carb counting ~ Every Diabetic (...most) knows that you need to take a certain amount of insulin to counter balance the amount of carbs in that meal or you're gonna drop or fly. Eventually, you get into a routine where it doesn't interfere as much, but it still pisses you off when you go out and you have to count the carbs before going.

13. Dieting ~ Sometimes, all I want to do is go on an extreme diet, cut out my carbs and get on without my day without the hassle of a potential hypo. But noooo, I can't do that. I've tried, my gawd, I HAVE TRIED, and it kinda works, but it never fully works out.

14. Meals ~ Just eating in general. I'm not talking about portions, or that kinda thing, no I'm talking about wanting to skip a meal. I know that sounds bad, but you know when you just don't feel hungry, or you're running late, but you have to eat because of the insulin. Diabetics are just like everyone else - we want to skip meals too when we're not well, or running late!

15. "You have to eat" ~ You have to eat too, just sayin'.. This itself doesn't bother me, because it's just someone showing their concerns, especially if I'm all over the place. But, when I'm ill and I've just thrown up, I don't really want to hear, or think about food, just yet. Remember, just because we're Diabetic, doesn't mean we don't respond to things in the same way as a non-Diabetic would.

16. Being ill ~ Like anyone who isn't Diabetic, it's a rough deal being ill. Except, we have to deal with the yoyo-ing blood results. Eurrrgh!

17. Informing others of your Diabetes ~ It always feel weird doing it; how are you meant to say it? Do they feel like they have to respond in a certain way? It always feels awkward.

18. Flying ~ You just wait for them to open that bag, and you've got your lines all ready, and the doctor's note in your hand: "I'm Diabetic, *hands note over.*"

19. "Not suitable for Diabetics" ~ It always makes me weep!

20. Running out of room for your stuff ~ It's even worse when you live with other Diabetics! But with all the needles, the blood test strips, blood test things, hypo stuff, blood test result books all in one area, as well as the insulin the fridge - well, it gets really hard to keep tidy!

21. Not knowing whether you should throw away old blood test result books ~ They are like 2 years old, but you still feel as if it's needed!

22. Sore fingers ~ If you test your blood countless amounts in a day, you're fingers will hurt and it'll be like trying to get blood out of a stone. It's frustrating as geese! Even worse when you don't get enough blood and it says error, or switches off. Arrrgh!

23. Being high ~ Just as bad as being low, but you want more drinks and feel groggy. Even worse in the morning. FML when that happens!

Aaaaand finally, 24. When you don't get a reading ~ You know when you've gone wrong when your blood test reader tells you: "HI", or "LO". It's not even a number. You're literally off the scale! What do you do now?! The inner turmoil! Sometimes, it's jsut your machine though, which usually means you need a new one. Either way, arrrggh!

So, that's a rant and a half. But despite all this, you're content with your Diabetes, and you've accepted it in your life!

Toodles :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

Worst Housemates Scenarios

Happy Friday, Schneckens!
We did it! We made it to the weekend and all we had to endure was excessive dieting, numerous doctor appointments, kinky drama lessons, teachers losing my timed essays, teachers being robbed, gangstas and people doodling in my book. Yep, there are doodles in/on my drama book. You're lucky it's a cat or I would've gone batshit cray.

Moving on! Inspired from a furking weird PSE (?) lesson, I decided to list the worst possible worst house mates that you could have in Uni, or wherever else you share a house/flat/accommodation. These are very weird, alas, they COULD happen, so I'm not that crazy. Well, I am, but what can you do about the drunken sailor?

Worst Housemates Scenarios:

1. You could have a person living with you that's a bit of a wild cat, and has stashes of drunks everywhere they goes. They might hide it in your room, then there's a police raid and you get arrested. Honey, if I knew that there were drunks in my room, I would've had them by now!

2. There may also be a housemate that decides to bring home a cheap whore one night, and as he's ... ahem, he leaves the door open and you awkwardly walk by. The awkwardness sky-rockets when he asks if you want to make a sausage sandwich. *shudder*

3. That housemate that completely crashes  the shared bathroom by throwing up on the walls and in the bathtub, and the toilet... Oh. Gawd. After seeing what's in that, you begin to understand why there's vomit on the wall.

4. The eccentric housemate who walks around completely naked. Doesn't matter if it's cold out, or hot, or if you have guests round, or even if your parents are here - everything will be bared in front of you and you can't help but look.

5. Finally, the bastard who steals your sugar. How very dare he/she!
So, that's that! I'm gonna go and eat pizza. I lurrve pizza. I'm also tired. This diet makes me sleepy. Too sleepy. So sleepy I feel like I'm gonna fall asl- zzzz.

Toodles :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Keep Calm and...

Hey, Schneckens!
It's nearly Friday, and I am more shocked than a beaver in the desert. This post is late because the urge to resist the bread makes me very sleepy. I miss bread. Sometimes all I want is a burger, with bacon and cheese, but nope, got to settle for a salad. Mainly because you can't request a burger at 3.00am. Awks. Anyway, today not much happened, bar pineapples and hoochies (I discovered I have a LaToyaForever alter ego!). Therefore, this post will be one paragraph. This one paragraph. Sometimes it's better to leave on a high instead of dragging it out. This is something that the X Factor doesn't seem to understand because that show has been dying following 2010; should've ended it there, folks. Sorry, I think I've started a borderline rant. Strange - I haven't even mentioned that guy who normally causes the most of my dilemmas. Oh wait, I just did; but he's doing nothing wrong. In fact, he's been delightful! Okay, I'm gonna leave now. I'm gonna ponder some jelly. I lurrve jelly. Vodka jelly. Okay, that has very little flavour. Why are we talking about vodka? I'm always Russian about. Aaaaaand, the post's dragged. Bravo, me!

Oh yeah, here are some Macbeth things that Myself, Ruby, Eliana, Monica and the Gridman (Mr Nathanson-Parry) thought of in the lesson; mainly because we are excitable schneckens:


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Insert Innuendo

I may not be gangsta enough, but I am sure punny. Basically, I had an owl top on, therefore, I am from the hooood. That's comedy right there, folks.
Just to let you all know, this post will be about Drama. It won't make any sense. The pictures are weird, and blurry from laughing, I have Beyoncé 'Partition' stuck in my head and I went to the doctors...again!

Lets go, shall we? Take a seat, and let us blow you away with our sheer talents. Also, heads up. I intend to use any innuendos I can within this post because I'm cool like that, init fam.

In Drama today, I experienced scenarios that I don't quite understand, yet, deep down, I believe that I should have always been in the hood. I am more ghetto than I originally thought. Nah, that's a lie. I didn't understand the majority of what was said. Learning Russian was easier than learning this Urban language. Seriously, what is a ratchet? Is that even the proper way to use this term? The lesson at the start was rather fun as we transformed into little gangsters. As I returned, in José's hoodie, my owl top, and rather baggy trousers, it was established that I looked like an emo gangster. Then as I watched the other group's rehearse, I suddenly realised that this lesson was going to be the biggest piss take ever of East London gangs, ever. But I totes embraced my role, even Ms Klitou seemed impressed, albeit, a tad freaked out. I really do take on a role.

So the performances, where do I start? I should probably start with the first group, consisting of Eliana, Chris, Kiera, Marquel and Henry. I actually cried with laugher, especially with Eliana's amazing accent. My gawd, it was genius. Genius, I say. Genius! Scratch that, the whole concept was furking brilliant. I even allowed Chris' trousers to fall. Sure, I didn't understand a majority of what was said, but I loved it because I got the point of it. It was genius. It was bare sick, fam. Is that right? I don't know anymore. My group's performance, with my homies; Ruby, Josephine and José, was just weird and amazingly fun to act out. Yes, I don't know what I said, and I'm sure that heightened the comedy. My mandem is ... I don't know many words. Wait there. Okay, I'm back, I don't know how to search for words on the Urban Dictionary. It was good, fam. Then last it was Tariq, Zoe, Tyrell, Alanta and Sylvester. WOW, they got low ... as in their trousers, you smutty pigeons. This little concept was teasingly fun, with temptress Alanta eating her fruit with the rest in pain. She should've eaten a banana though, that would've been fun to see the reactions from the actors, and the audience. But dayum, their trousers were low. I really liked it though - not the low trousers, the performance; it was clever and full of stereotypes.

Moving on, we then split like a hoochie mama's legs, and became two groups. I was now with Chris, Marquel, Henry, Kiera, Josephine and Ruby. In hindsight, we should've gone with Kiera's idea of a lap dance, but in reality, that would've been furking awkward. So instead, we went totally ghetto and embraced our inner SnapChat demons, and sent pictures to tease the guys, get them flustered, have Chris desperate for sex, only to get rejected. I don't know what I was doing during that, but I'm certain I added nothing to that performance. Then the other group. It's rare that I'm left open mouthed towards something, but this left me speechless. Maybe it was the song, or maybe it was the idea of a "lap dance" performed when anyone could've walked in, that made it so furking spectacular. So, Eliana, Zoe, Alanta, Sylvester, José, Tyrell and Tariq - thanks? I mean, I don't know what I witnessed, but I know I loved it. You put on a great show. You smutty, smutty, SMUTTY pigeons.

So, that was my day. I don't know what to do anymore. It's a hard one. Enjoy the pictures, if I ever find anymore, I'll totally share them. But for now, I need to wash myself in holy water, because that lesson was utter filth, but man, did I love it!

Toodles :)