Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2013: A Reflection

Hello. Again! I hope you enjoyed the NY's Party guide, and if you haven't read it (Whaaaat?!), here you go:

Yes, now it is time to be serious. Well, kinda. Without a shadow of a doubt, 2013 has been the greatest year of my life, and after such a hideous 2012, it made me start appreciating my life more. In other words, I finally feel like life is worth living again! It is no secret that in 2012 I struggled deeply with my Anxiety disorder; even to the point where I had suffered a breakdown in the Summer. They were very dark days indeed. But guess what, all that is behind me, and I am looking forward to what 2014 has to offer, yet feeling emotional over the end of this fine year.

Why was it so grand, well let us find out, shall we?!

Drama Family <3
Well, perhaps my biggest achievement this year had to be my Drama! In a space of a year, I played a borderline alcoholic mother (Jean from Find Me), a Spanish Maid - Not Consuela (Poncia from The House of Bernada Alba) and an array of German people and Russian Khrushchev!! Playing these roles was a privilege, but was more special was being surrounded by such a lovely group of people. Dare I say it, family. Yes, they are my Drama family; their talents never cease to amaze me! I am proud to know all of them, and to work with them. And for my German family, whom I tore down a Wall with, thanks, you guys were pretty fly, even when I posted messages at Midnight. Hopefully 2014 will spark something new in me; something far greater than I ever thought I had in me. Time to get writing, folks!

Speaking of writing, guess who wrote a novel this year? Yep, meeeeee! During a rather unproductive English lesson with Mr Hughes, I, instead of writing a gothic extract, decided to satirise 50 Shades of Grey, and write a better version of such a crap book. Mine is obviously ridiculously classy! After a month, or so, I finally finished my first novel, entitled 'Waking Hour'. What a Summer that was! Now in 2014, things will definitely be more steamy and hot under the collar!

How hot under the collar did I get this year? Not a lot. *lie detector goes off* Fine, I admit it. Things definitely steamed up this year. Well, the Summer did. Yes, I briefly bagged myself an American guy. It was fun! Well that ended ages ago! Now I am technically single, but my heart and mind has been taken by a guy who, sadly, is not interested in me. I won't talk too much about that because I've done that too much, but this isn't the end. I'm not saying 2014 will be the year things finally work out, but I'm not just going to forget over five people saw something between us! Until then, I still have my Watsky and NicePeter!

So, what else made this year wonderful? My friends ^_^ They are the craziest little schneckens I have ever met, but man, I lurrve them! They've helped me through so much this year, especially with guy problems, and they've made me laugh more times than I thought ever possible. I have many highlights, so much I just can't talk about them individually, so here are some pictures instead!

And of course, my family have been extremely lovely this year. I was going to say supportive, but to be fair, I've always had their support. I'm not going to post a picture, cos they deserve their privacy. But if they ever did stumble across this, I want them to know I love them more than the world itself. And everyone mentioned in this blog, including Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, Pokey, Colonel Meow, Pudge and Hammy, I love you, schneckens!
Happy New Year, lets make 2014 the year to remember; lets make some memories xx
Toodles :)

A Guide to Surviving New Years Parties for the Socially Awkward

Happy New Years Eve my lil Schneckens!
It is a double post extravaganza today, so to start I will give you my tips for surviving New Years party season. If you're like me, and you are incredibly awkward in social situations, this guide will probably help you, or make things more awks. If that's the case...soz.

Disclaimer, I'm going to make the assumption that because you are awkward, you will probably consume some acohol at this party. I am also going to give said advice on the basis that you are rather drunk. Not that I'm judging, but because it is the New Year, and it's more to give that kinda advice. See, this is probably why you shouldn't drink..

Tip One: Drink Responsibly ~ Yes, the most obvious, don't get, what I call, 'Festively Hammered' because you will do something terrible and what a crap way to start the year.. If you don't drink, don't start drinking because everyone else does, and if you're not old enough to drink, then don't go crazy. You'll thank me in the morning. Not just because you'll be saved from a bitchin' hangover, but because you would've prevented yourself from doing something so mind-numbingly stupid that even science and magic couldn't fix. For instance, I once got so hammered, I changed everyone's names in my phone to 'Giraffe' and sent the following message to everyone, including the guy I have the hots for "Giraffes are pretty cool." Furk. So yes, be careful with your drinks, and always get your drinks by your body - in other words, don't leave them unattended and don't accept anything you haven't seen be made. Please, please, be careful when it comes to drinking, even in a place you are comfortable in.

Tip Two: Stay away from any form social media and mobile phones ~ This one may need your own indication of when to do this. Obviously, at the start of the night, you will take the usual selfie, post in on Instagram, you will tweet and all that other Facebook shiz, that is fine. You may also have to send the 'Happy New Year' text to relatives, which is also fine. But once you have crossed the 'Hammered' line, remove temptation away from you. ASAP. Like the previous point, you will call that guy you have the hots for and cry down the phone because he doesn't like you back. You will post a picture to your Facebook page of you in a inflatable donut. And guess what, you will post a picture of you that cannot be explained, despite how hard to you try. So once you're too drunk to say your own name, remove the tech, and sober up.

Tip Three: Chat within your social sphere and if you need to talk to others, take a friend with you ~ Be social!! Don't sit in the corner, on your phone looking at those Instagram pics. You will look like a Buzz Killington. If you have friends there, hang out with them - obviously you know they're fun! If you're feeling brave, expand your social horizons and talk to new people, make some friends etc etc. You don't have to go on your own, you can obviously take a friend - a 'Wingman/woman'. That friend will stop you from making stupid mistakes, like talking about sheds to the guy you have the hots for. But be careful with the friend and the crush - they could hit it off, or in my case, they will lead you into believing he likes you too and egg you on. In that case, find a more sensible friend, or don't go into a full blown convo with the guy - save it for another day when you're not drunk, or surrounded by a ton of people. Also, if you are pretty drunk and you're trying to socialise, just listen to those who are talking, and respond with basic answers; now is not the time to say something you won't remember, but others will.

Tip Four: Avoid any New Year hook ups ~ the holiday season can be hard if you're single and surrounded by couples, but for Gawd's sake, do not make out/bite/lick/hanky panky with the first guy that is drunk enough to fall for your drunken charms. First of all, its just a tad desperate. Secondly, it will be reeeeaally awkward in the morning when you see the person, and start remembering what you did. If you have a one night stand, and since I lack that kinda experience, I'm just gonna say it will be really awkward if you do it in someone else's house and you have to make that walk of shame with a bunch of people who probably didn't get as hammered as you. I'm sorry, but you're not Cinderella. If though, you do happen to do something, and it pays off, then waheey! But really? Will that happen? This is why you have the friend. If your friend is the opposite sex though, don't do anything with them. That is too awks for a NY party guide.

Tip Five: Keep everything you have with you, on you ~ Don't go losing things at a NY's party, because chances are you will probably not see that shiz again. I'm not saying someone has stolen it, but you may've been so hammered that you threw your wallet into a fountain, hoping it will bring you a magical genie. Also, if you are taking that walk of shame, you wanna get outta there pretty freakin' quick, so looking for your stuff will only extend the awkwardness. Plus, its always freakin' annoying when you can't find your stuff, especially with a bitchin' hangover. This probably seems like a contradiction to the keep social networking stuff away from you, so if that's the case, put your stuff somewhere you will remember, or someone less drunk than you can remind you where it is. Simples.
And Finally, as cliché as it sounds, just have a fun night. If 2013 was your year, celebrate it! If it wasn't, celebrate the new year of opportunities. Being awkward is natural at parties, just try to have a good time, if not, you can go home; I'm sure no one will be bothered. Just have a fun night, regardless of what you're doing!
Have a wonderful New Years Eve, and I'll be back later!
Toodles :)

Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy Birthday, Mama Rose!!

Happy Birthday to you... etc etc!
Yes, forgetting the top 5 lists for today, since I am out of ideas, I shall return to my daily adventures, and today is Mama Rose's (Tanaka) birthday! Happy Birthday, Chosen One :D

We went to the Sahara Grill in Leyton, and it was delightful. We had our own little booth...awkwardly, we had to pay for it. Thanks, Tyrell! But nonetheless, my burger was delightful. It had guacamole! Oh gawd, I lurrve guacamole. Ahem, it was also nice to see everyone again. It was evident some of us got caught up in the sales because Ruby (my son) and I had similar outfits. Thanks, New Look! The cheap clothes were amazing. I obviously looked better; no one rocks a cardigan better than me. Well, maybe Jon Richardson. So, I think that's it for tonight. I'm pretty pooped after this evening, so I'm gonna watch Come Dine With Me.

Toodles :)

Oh yeah, Lil Bub made a surprise cameo! Birthday surprises all round!!

Toodles... again :)